Start NOW To Have White, Appealing Smiles This Holiday!

added on: October 17, 2022

It happens every year…

It’s hard to believe that in a little over a month, we’ll have Thanksgiving Day, followed by the busy rush of the Christmas holiday. Yet, here we are again in 2022, looking the holidays in the face.

Before your schedule gets overloaded, stop and consider the advantages of tending to your smile NOW. There are several reasons why your smile should stand at the top of your list.

1). Check for any unused insurance benefits. Have you put off having a tooth at risk crowned? Is there a second dental cleaning and exam that is available? Are sealants covered that would reduce your risks for cavities? Many people forget that these benefits are available through their dental coverages. Too, some policies are updated occasionally and may include benefits you may have missed. Schedule to have these appointments early before your schedule (and ours!) get busier. Or, call to speak with our Insurance Coordinator. She will be happy to review your current policy and help you get the most from your coverage.

2). Consider the health of your smile before social gatherings begin. We have all come to appreciate the joy of gathering again with friends and family. With the ‘social distancing’ and masking requirements behind most of us, this holiday season should be a banner one for get-togethers. The health of your smile can be an asset, or cast a rather unfavorable impression when it’s not at its best. For example, the presence of periodontal (gum) disease and tartar (the hardened form of oral bacteria) can cause bad breath. Unpleasant breath odor from these sources can be persistent, even after mints or brushing. And, no one want to be that person” with the bad breath. If you’re past due on your dental check-ups, arrange an appointment BEFORE you RSVP. A healthy smile is always a stand-out in a positive way!

3. Perk up your smile with ZOOM 3D whitening. One of the fastest and most economical ways to enhance your smile is through an in-office whitening. Our Zoom whitening system provides quick, long-lasting results – far quicker and brighter than those OTC kits offer. And, it can tackle even severe staining from medications or years of smoking or coffee. You’ll be able to enjoy the beautiful results for years, too! In a one-hour appointment, you can enjoy a smile that stands out beautifully. A white smile looks healthier and can even help to camouflage flaws. Call 586-739-2155 for an appointment now (or tap here).

4. Boost your immune system through improved oral health. Decades of research and scientific studies have shown how significantly oral health impacts our overall health. For example, the severity of arthritis, diabetes, and prostatitis can be improved through an oral wellness commitment. A thorough at-home oral hygiene regimen and regular dental checkups are an important part of maintaining an immune system that is not burdened by the drain caused by oral bacteria. And, having good oral health can lower your risks for serious diseases and conditions that have bene associated with gum disease bacteria. For example, the bacteria of severe gum disease (periodontitis) has been linked to some cancers, stroke, heart disease, pre-term babies and even dementia. Research is now being conducted to track links to Alzheimer’s disease. With the cold and flu season before us, and a closer proximity to others, protect your health and wellness with a healthy smile that has oral bacteria under control! Our dental hygienists will help you with a dental care routine that is tailored to your unique needs. They can even make the flossing process easier for you! (Check out our “Flossing Made Easy” video at: DrBarbatFlossing).

5. Do proactive planning for 2023 through a free consultation. Dr. Barbat and Dr. Salim are always happy to personally discuss your specific needs and goals, and a treatment plan that is aligned to what is practical for YOU! Private consultations are always available. Once your know the treatment plan for your smile, you can arrange to discuss your options with our Financial Coordinator and/or Insurance Coordinator. These team members are strong advocates for getting you to the smile you want.

6. Take steps to get past dental fear. With so much in advanced dental technology, fearful dental patients have much less to fear. In our Shelby Twp dental office, we have a widespread reputation for our gentle touch and “painless” injections (as patients often claim). Through sedation options and respectful care, many patients have been able to overcome their dental fears and achieve the healthy, beautiful smile they have always wanted. Begin by downloading our “Guide” that many people have found helpful, and watch a brief video about our commitment to patient comfort. And then, schedule a free consultation to personally discuss your concerns.

Go into this holiday season “smile ready!” And, begin 2023 with your best smile ever!

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