Summer Travel No Vacation From Dental Care!

added on: June 26, 2012

We all love a vacation, but ‘relaxing’ from your daily oral care regimen could result in costly repairs down the road. Avoid taking ‘time off’ from your morning and evening oral hygiene routine so bacterial growth doesn’t require dental treatment as a result. Here are a few tips for your oral well-being while you’re on the road:

• When you pack, place your tooth brush, floss and toothpaste in one container separate from other items. When you arrive at your destination, you can keep this by the sink so they are handy each morning and evening.

• Take along plenty of sugarless gum, which helps you maintain sufficient saliva flow in the mouth. This aids in removing bacteria before it builds into the stick film that forms plaque.

• Follow tooth brushing with a good brushing of your tongue. This dislodges additional bacteria that are embedded from their warm, moist ‘home.’

• Drink lots of water throughout the day to keep oral tissues moist. If you can’t brush right after a meal, swish with water or chew sugarless gum.

• Make sure you are current on your 6-month oral hygiene exams and check-ups prior to your trip. This enables us to remove any plaque so you’ll have a clean mouth and terrific smile for your time away.

Enjoy a great summer, safe travels, and by all mean, bright smiles every day!

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