Take Fish Oil Capsules? You May Not Know….

added on: February 1, 2016

Too much of a good thing is, well, too much.

Fish oil has become a popular supplement for American adults, for good reasons! The labels of many brands tout “supports healthy heart, joints, brain and skin.” Fish oil has been credited for helping everything from dry eyes to extending the distance for joggers.

Like anything, however, too much of a good thing can backfire. Many physicians recomFish Oil Capsmend taking 3,000 milligrams of fish oil a day for adults. That’s typically a capsule of 1,000 milligrams taken with each meal, or one capsule three times a day. If you take more than that, please let us know so we can note this in your chart.

An excess of fish oil has a similar effect to that of aspirin, which can cause prolonged bleeding. When you exceed the recommended 3,000 mgs., excessive bleeding during some procedures can result. For those who already take anticoagulants (such as Coumadin), combining fish oil increases the risk for excessive bleeding to an even greater level.

Like any medication or over-the-counter supplement (including herbal types), please update us on those you take at every visit, including dosage of each. It is our goal to align your oral health to your overall health for individualized care and lasting smiles!

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