Take Years Off With Smile Enhancements!

added on: February 12, 2015

At a certain age, we can’t help but notice signs of our years. Crow’s feet, sagging skin, age spots… these are typical reactions to Father Time that reveal we are, indeed, getting into more mature years. While eyelid lifts, micro-dermabrasion, injectable fillers and Botox can conceal one’s actual age, nothing reveals the truth like your smile.

In addition to teeth that discolor as we age, teeth can chip or wear down over time. Fortunately, today’s cosmetic dentistry provides exceptional options for a more youthful appearing smile. Most are completed in just one or two visits.

Teeth whitening: Dull gray, yellow or brownish teeth are often the result of age. This build up is deep within tooth enamel and cannot be brushed away. Although over-the-counter whitening systems give some degree of shade adjustment, most discoloration responds best to a professional whitening system. We use Zoom II, an effective, safe system that causes minimal sensitivity and provides dramatic, long-lasting improvement for a bright, flattering smile.

Gapped or uneven teeth: If your smile has chipped, wide-spaced teeth or uneven lengths, porcelain veneers can dramatically improve your smile’s appearance. These give a highly natural appearance, even reflecting light as do natural teeth. In some cases, bonding can improve minor gaps or elongate teeth, creating an even smile line that projects a more youthful look.

Crowded, crooked teeth: As we age, crooked teeth seem to stand out more prominently, also causing the lips to appear thinner in some cases. While porcelain veneers can esthetically correct crooked teeth, severe misalignment may require braces or Invisalign. This is best for individuals who have crooked but nicely-shaped teeth. Straightening teeth that are small, short or uneven may not result in the attractive smile you ultimately want.

A smile is the most frequent aspect of your appearance that others notice when first meeting you — your ‘first impression.’ Having a bright, flattering smile tends to make people smile more often. This projects a happy, upbeat individual – an ageless, beautiful feature!

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