The Many Factors That Culminate Into YOUR Most Beautiful Smile

added on: July 28, 2023

Recently, a friend made the investment of using a professional decorator to help makeover a great room. The friend had envisioned having the walls and carpet a certain color and arranging the furniture differently. However, the decorator recommended an entirely different choice of colors and arrangements. What the decorator came up with turned out to create a room far beyond what my friend had anticipated, yet, became the entire family’s favorite room.

We can’t always envision what will look best, which is why a trained professional is often sought, especially when it comes to investments that should provide longterm satisfaction – and hopefully results that are beyond expectations. This occurs, however, through the right hands with the best skills for the job.

Smile makeovers should be left to the hands of a skilled cosmetic dentist who has a high level of advanced training and a reputation for exceptional outcomes. In the hands of a well-qualified cosmetic dentist, your smile will provide the advantages of a beautiful smile that go beyond appearance.

There is actually a chemical reaction when we smile that can make us feel good. The act of smiling (whether it’s a genuine smile or a fake one) causes the brain to release chemicals known as endorphins, which have been shown to create a boost of happiness.

Smiling also has a lot to do when it comes to how we’re perceived and how people are drawn to us. For example, studies have shown that people who smile more are perceived as more confident, more content, more successful, more outgoing, and more attractive.

A 2016 article in Psychology Today, “The 9 SuperPowers Of Your Smile,” also shared how smiling can make you appear thinner and more youthful.

You may also be interested in a February 2020 article (published by Business Insider). In this, results of a study revealed how others perceive us through our smiles. In two experiments, study participants were shown faces varying in attractiveness and happiness.

Through their selections of those most attractive, the top choices included the intensity of a smile, noting that a happy facial expression could even compensate for unattractiveness. Facial attractiveness also influenced the perception of those who were truly happy.

When an individual decides to seek out smile enhancement, it seems like every dentist is a “cosmetic dentist.” While dental school provides general dentists with instructions in the placement of crowns and veneers, there is a wide range when it comes to esthetic skills. Too, the commitment to creating a highly natural look and feel can mean a smile that exudes confidence versus one that is obviously “dental work.”

In esthetic dentistry, it takes an experienced “eye” to treatment plan what is best for each individual. For example, someone with straight teeth may not realize why they are unhappy with their smile. A trained eye, however, may see that their teeth are too short or arched by too much gum tissue. Or both.

Experience, advanced training, and a high skill level mean a “true” cosmetic dentist is able to determine how the shape, shade and length of teeth can complement facial features while providing the most natural look and feel possible. This is why I sought extensive training in cosmetic dentistry after receiving my doctorate in dentistry. I’ve completed the mastery levels at one of the globe’s most prestigious dental training institutes, where I achieved Fellowship status.

For example, a trained eye can determine how many teeth should be involved in treatment and assess the line of gum tissue that arches each tooth. And, gum tissues are important. As a framework of sorts for the smile as a whole, the amount of gum tissue visible over each tooth and the shape of the arch are considered. These tissues are part of the “smile line” that impacts the finished smile’s appearance.

Gum tissues of varying heights over the teeth most visible in a smile create a jumbled look. Or, for people who have a “gummy smile” where too much gum tissue can be seen over teeth, a procedure known as a Gingivectomy can totally change an individual’s smiling confidence.

To contour the gum arches over teeth with precision, we utilize a dental laser. This beautifully reshapes gum tissues while sealing the tissue as it goes. This minimizes (or even eliminates) bleeding and helps to speed healing.

And, we are dedicated to using the highest level of dental materials for the most natural look and feel, with exceptional longevity. For instance, porcelain has the best longevity of any material in cosmetic restorations and is the most resistant to staining. Additionally, porcelain has an opacity and luminosity like that of natural teeth. This means that the crown or veneer is able to reflect light as a “real” tooth and avoids casting a solid, flat appearance.

Tooth shade is another consideration. When cosmetic restorations blend in with natural teeth, teeth are a different shade than the teeth below (that are often visible in open smiles or laughter), the overall look is mismatched and less than flattering. In our Macomb County dental office, we offer the Zoom 2 in-office tooth whitening system.

This is a comfortable, one-hour process that provides beautiful, long-lasting whitening. Once the teeth are lightened to an appropriate level, the porcelain veneers, or crowns (‘caps’) can be shade-matched so the smile, as a whole, is a beautiful part of an individual’s overall look.

My patients also appreciate that neuromuscular dentistry considerations are incorporated into their smile makeovers. I’ve completed extensive training in neuromuscular dentistry to incorporate measures to evaluate and treat existing malocclusion (improper bite alignment) and TMJ (jaw joint) disorders. These skills mean our patients are able to enjoy attractive smiles with an added advantage. A neuromuscular dentist can help to minimize the risk of developing future problems due to bite misalignment.

Without teeth in proper alignment, strain can extend to the jaw joints (TMJ). As a neuromuscular dentist, I’ve seen the repercussions that occur because of crowns that are too tall, too short, or improperly angled. These disparities can lead to frequent headaches, migraines, chipped or worn teeth, clenching, grinding, ear ringing or dizziness (vertigo). By incorporating proper alignment techniques into treatment, you can avoid problems associated with TMJ disorders. The added steps we take can help protect your investment and support your long-term oral health.

In our Shelby Twp dental office, patients like that provide all procedures for cosmetic dentistry, including porcelain veneers, porcelain crowns, teeth whitening, Invisalign clear braces, and gum recontouring. For people who are missing teeth, we can replace teeth in a number of ways. We offer all phases of dental implants, from diagnosis to placement to the restoration of the replacement teeth.

We are also known for making patient comfort a priority and can include sedation into treatment, when desired. Oral and IV sedation (twilight sleep) are available for optimal patient comfort throughout any procedure. Watch a brief video on comfort at: DrBarbatComfort

Let’s get your smile healthy and fabulous! Begin with a free consultation – just tap here or call 586-739-2155. We’ll discuss comfort options, estimated treatment time, payment plans, and anything that has been an obstacle to having the smile you’ve always imagined!

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