The Part Of Teeth Below The Gums Has An Impact On So Much More

added on: July 24, 2014

As a dentist, my goal is not just to help our patients have a healthy mouth, it’s also to help them keep their natural teeth for a lifetime. Gum disease is the nation’s leading cause of adult tooth loss. However, when caught early and given appropriate treatment, tooth loss is often avoided altogether.

Although teeth can be replaced in several ways, nothing is as perfect for your mouth as your natural teeth, especially the portion you don’t see. Tooth roots not only give your teeth a way to be anchored in the jaw bone, they hold teeth in position so neighboring teeth keep their position as well.

Tooth roots do one more thing that is immensely important to your oral health. The stimulation that tooth roots provide to the jaw bone help the jaw maintain its mass. Without tooth roots, the bone begins to shrink. This is why long-time denture wearers have a sunken-in mouth, or a ‘granny look.’

As the jaw bone shrinks, changes in facial appearance become obvious. These include deep wrinkles around the mouth, a pointed chin and the formation of jowls. Bone loss also causes the fit of a denture or partial to continually change. This is because the bone ridge that the denture or partial was formed to contour is flattening out.

When a tooth must be removed, the closest way to recreate its stability and natural biting and chewing strength is with Dental Implants. Implants also provide stimulation to the jaw bone to halt bone loss.

Do everything possible to save your natural teeth. If removal is necessary, remember that it’s not just the tooth portion above the gums that is important. The part that anchors your teeth is vital to your smile and a healthy bite. Let’s discuss all tooth replacement options during a free Consultation appointment by calling toll free 1-866-9-Smiles.

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