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added on: December 12, 2009

Tongue Piercing Problems

Although oral jewelry has become fashionable, those in the business often fail to warn their patrons of the potential hazards that can result from tongue piercing. Common problems can result in costly repairs. These include chips or cracks to teeth, crowns, and fillings. Other problems that can emerge are allergies, gum irritation and infection. In some instances, nerve and blood vessel damage can occur, which cannot be repaired.Even though some like the look of a pierced tongue, the tongue barbell can trap bacteria and cause a build up of plaque. This is a recipe for bad breath.

Because the tongue reacts to ailments and reveals symptoms of ill health,

including oral cancer, tongue piercing could mask these important warning signs. For instance, discolorations, numbness, and swelling can indicate more serious health problems. These problems could be mistakenly attributed to a reaction to tongue piercing.Our advice? Don’t! If you have, or your child has had his or her tongue pierced, arrange for frequent oral exams at our Shelby Township Cosmetic Dentist Office, at least every four months. During these visits, instruction will be provided on how to watch for warning signs and how to avoid damaging teeth.

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