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added on: December 11, 2009

WARNING! About Over-The-Counter Tooth Whiteners

Do-it-yourself whitening kits are everywhere! Although results from these kits have less longevity and a minimal degree of whitening than the process offered by dental offices, the lower cost makes them seem more appealing. Oral surgeons now warn to use these kits with caution, especially if you have a cavity.

Tooth bleaching, using a do-it-yourself whitening kit, could lead to infection and nerve damage.

This occurs because the bleaching agent goes straight to the gums. What may appear to be a low-cost way to whitening your teeth could result in permanent damage to teeth and gums. For the ultimate in a safe, long-term, and gleamingly-bright smile, whitening under dental supervision is advised. To learn more about safe whitening options contact us at our Michigan Cosmetic Dentist Office.

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