Want A New Smile? Start By Laughing In A Mirror!

added on: March 25, 2013

These days, I don’t have lots of photos of me, mostly because I’m the one taking the pictures! However, when I see myself in a photo, it is usually with the well-rehearsed smile I’ve been using in poses most of my adult life. Yet, when I’m with friends and family, I smile bigger and laugh freely, showing more of my smile than what appears in most images.

When we have patients who want to change the appearance of their smile, many focus on the front 4 or 6 teeth. Some of these patients have, for example, shared a funny story with me and smiled and laughed with several side teeth easily visible along with some bottom teeth as well.

In our office, we take photos of each patient’s smile at different angles so they can clearly view what others see before making final esthetic treatment decisions. This helps them to determine the number of teeth they want included in treatment as well as decisions surrounding shade, shape and considerations with gum recontouring.

If you’re considering smile enhancements, take a look at your smile in the mirror. You’ll see what others see by holding a hand mirror up to a wall mirror for a close up view. Check out your smile at several angles and watch your smile as you laugh. What catches your eye as not flattering?

An attractive smile can improve your appearance AND enhance self-confidence so you find yourself smiling more often! In turn, this projects you to others as an upbeat, positive person! To smile your best smile, call toll free 1-866-9-Smiles and ask for a free consultation. During this time, we’ll discuss what will work best and the procedures involved. Keep in mind that many smile makeovers can be completed in just one or two appointments!

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