Want A Beautiful Smile? What To Look For In Your Cosmetic Dentist.

added on: January 15, 2018

A while back, I found a beautiful oil painting I wanted to have framed. Although my thinking was “all framing shops are alike,” a friend urged me to meet with a framer she had used several times. What I learned was quite an awakening.

The framing ‘master’ noted the theme and shades in the painting. He asked questions about the area I would display the finished piece, asking about wall color, wall size and the style of the room. He then recommended several frames with layers of mats that were sized and selected to bring out the details of the painting. He explained that, with the wrong choices, the piece would end up ‘competing’ for attention. With proper framing and matting, he explained, the finished result would enhance the entire area.

A smile is much like this. The appearance of a smile can easily draw the eye and become the focal point of one’s face. A beautiful smile can draw one in, creating a positive impression of an individual that extends far beyond mere facial appearance. A smile that is flawed, however, can have the opposite effect.

We’ve all met someone who was obviously uneasy with the appearance of their smile. They tend to cover it when they laugh or try to smile with lips only. When we do ‘catch’ them smiling, it may show stained, crooked, missing or chipped teeth. Unfortunately, it may have provoked a feeling of uneasiness not only with the individual, but for them.

One of the joys of being a dentist is helping someone with a smile that ‘holds them back’ achieve a smile they want to share often! However, as I explain to my patients, a beautiful smile is much more than pretty teeth.

Beautiful smiles are the result of teeth that are properly shaded, sized and ‘framed’ by an appropriate level of gum tissues. In smile makeovers, we can also adjust the shape of each tooth to balance out certain facial features.

For most cases of cosmetic dentistry, I use porcelain veneers or porcelain crowns. Porcelain is superior in its ability to resist staining while providing the most natural look and feel available. Porcelain also has exceptional durability and the best longevity of any dental material.

Once I determine what will provide the best outcome appearance-wise, I then determine what will create the best bite alignment. This is far more important than many people realize.

Let’s say a new crown or veneer is too short. Even a minute disparity can alter one’s bite alignment. The results can be teeth that are chipped or broken. A misaligned bite can also lead to TMJ disorders that contribute to frequent headaches, migraines, worn teeth, night-time clenching and grinding, sore jaw joints, ear ringing, dizziness and difficulty opening the mouth fully.

When seeking out a dentist to create a beautiful smile for you, begin with a visit to his or her web site. Look for a smile gallery that shows before and after photos of varying degrees of smile enhancement. Read the dentist’s bio and look for advanced training specific to esthetic and restorative dentistry.

Then, consult with the dentist and ask about his or her experience with smile makeovers similar to what may be best for your smile. Ask about techniques, materials and comfort options. And, of course, discuss treatment costs and payment options.

A highly skilled, qualified dentist will welcome your questions and be comfortable addressing each in terms you can understand. Be sure you are comfortable with the office itself, also. Does it seem modern, organized and up-to-date? Does the staff seem happy and welcoming? Do you get a ‘good vibe’ from the dentist and the office overall?

The decisions you make when it comes to your smile makeover may determine your long-term satisfaction with the look, feel and function of your ‘new’ teeth. Be sure you achieve the best for your investment by understanding ALL of the components of a smile that is uniquely yours! And beautiful!

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