Want The Low Down On Bad Breath?

added on: April 23, 2012

Okay, here is the ‘down and dirty’ explanation of what creates bad breath, and I’ll warn you upfront, it’s not a pretty picture. But, if you ever needed a reason to brush, floss and keep your oral health to an optimum level, here goes.

Your mouth is warm and moist, a perfect breeding ground for bacteria. The crevices of teeth and grooves of the tongue are havens for bacteria to grow and thrive. When you eat, food that is not removed from the mouth feed this bacteria. They reproduce and as they multiply, they deposit waste in your mouth. That’s right – bacteria are living, breathing creatures that are eating and pooping in your mouth! The more that develop, the more you have creating waste!

As the bacteria multiply, a sticky film forms. If not removed, it hardens into plaque. Plaque is impossible to brush away. It cements itself to teeth, constantly eating away at teeth and gum tissues as it reproduces and excretes waste.

If you could look under a microscope at these horrible creatures, you’d certainly want to rid them from your mouth! This makes us perplexed when a patient says they don’t want to floss. We want your hygiene visits to give you a clean mouth and help you understand how to maintain a healthy mouth in-between dental check-ups. First, you must be committed to a daily regimen of oral hygiene. If you want a clean mouth, spend 3 minutes a day flossing your teeth. Not only will your breath be fresher, you’ll avoid more risk of decay, your hygiene visits will be more comfortable and those disgusting creatures won’t be running rampant in YOUR mouth!

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