Fearful Dental Patients Deserve Respect

added on: April 26, 2012

While attending a conference out-of-state recently, I ran across a dental ad that led with, “We Cater To Cowards!” Although I understood the dentist’s intention was to reach adults who have a fear of dental visits, it made me embarrassed as a dentist. I don’t think of fearful patients as “cowards” anymore than I think of allergy sufferers as diseased. In our office, whether in person or on the phone, people with fear are treated with respect and kindness.

When first speaking to a person with dental fear, we can ‘feel’ the trauma they’ve experienced. We’ve heard dreadful stories, many of childhood experiences in the dental chair when they weren’t numb but were held down while treatment was performed. No wonder these people have dental fears! They aren’t cowards, they have endured a traumatic event in their lives that’s created an emotional and uncontrollable reaction as a result. A coward is someone who ‘chooses’ to flee or avoid something. There’s a big difference!

If you or someone you know has been dealing with issues of dental fear, here’s how we begin. We offer a free consultation where we sit in comfy arm chairs in our consultation room. This is not in the treatment area! We’ll talk and I’ll explain our comfort options. One of these is Oral Sedation, which is conscious sedation that gives total relaxation during treatment. Then, you decide how to proceed. You may want just an exam, or you may want to just think about things. We move at the pace that is comfortable for you. You are in control.

Here, all of our patients are respected and appreciated. For those with fear issues, please know that your concerns will be treated respectfully.

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