What Attracts Men To Women The Most!

added on: August 4, 2014

No one would dispute the overwhelming force of chemistry as the leader in what draws one to another. Chemistry is the unknown aura that creates that ‘spark’ almost immediately in matching two people together.

But, after chemistry, what makes or breaks this attraction? A survey of nearly 20,000 men was conducted to discover just what they noticed about a female. To no surprise, following chemistry, was “Smile.”

Men can determine a lot about a female’s smile. Of course, it is a significant facial feature that can enhance one’s appearance. A terrific smile also sends a message of a person who is fun and enjoys life and has a positive, upbeat personality.

A smile can also reveal one’s overall commitment to health. Women who have yellowed or stained teeth, missing or chipped teeth or signs of poor dental hygiene can create a poor impression of their overall hygiene commitment. It certainly lowers them on a ‘kissable’ scale.

The top ten list, in order of most noticed, is:
1. Chemistry
2. Smile
3. Kind nature
4. Sense of humor
5. Body type
6. Eyes
7. Intelligence
8. Communication skills
9. Mouth (lips and teeth)
10. Hair

Rather than worry about your hair or having a flat tummy, remember that it’s your smile he’ll notice first. As a matter of fact, before the chemistry can occur, he needs to approach you. What better way than to share a smile and give him something to compliment — a great opener to any conversation!

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