Why More & More Adults Are Selecting Dental Implants.

added on: January 4, 2012

When a patient comes to us with one or more missing teeth, we explain all their options for replacing the tooth or teeth. However, we feel patients deserve to know their choices as well as the advantages and disadvantages of each so they can intelligently select the one they feel is right.

Although dental implants are initially more expensive, more and more adults are selecting them for tooth replacement – and for excellent reasons. First, dental implants are designed to last a lifetime. They are made from a material that successfully bonds with living bone, do not decay and will never need a root canal. With proper care. dental implants can last throughout the life of every patient.

Another benefit of dental implants is their stability. Because dental implants are held by the jaw bone, just as natural tooth roots, replacement teeth have the same stable foundation and sturdy backing for biting and chewing. Unlike dentures or partials, there are never uncomfortable slips or rubbing. Seeds or food particles won’t become trapped to make tender gums miserable, either.

While the treatment fees of dental implants are higher than that of dentures, partials or crown-&-bridge combinations, it is a one-time expense. Plus, our patients enjoy knowing that their implant-supported teeth are secure and they can smile and laugh without worry!

We also emphasize the added benefit of how dental implants help to halt bone loss. We explain this by showing radiographs of jaw bones of patients who’ve been missing teeth for long periods. It’s apparent how much bone loss has occurred when tooth roots no longer exist to stimulate the jaw. Dental implants recreate the presence of tooth roots and help to halt bone loss.

Overall, dental implants are an excellent investment and good for your health and well-being. More and more adults are rapidly becoming fans by replacing uncomfortable, clunky dentures and partials with dental implants. If you’d like to join this growing trend of in-the-know adults, we offer a Free Consultation so you can learn more. Call us at (586) 739-2155 or toll free 1-855-9-Smiles!

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