Why Proper Bite Alignment Is Important

added on: March 26, 2012

For some folks, if their smile looks attractive and nothing hurts, they think their oral health is fine. Yet, a bite that is not aligned properly can cause many problems, such as:

• Headaches – When the upper teeth and lower teeth do not meet properly, it can cause strain on the jaw joints as well as head, neck and shoulder muscles. Eventually, this can cause frequent headaches, sore jaw joints, and lead to migraines.

• Broken & Cracked Teeth – An improper bite causes distorted movements for teeth, particularly when biting and chewing. Teeth that are broken, chipped or fractured can result. Repairing these generally requires crowns or veneers. When a tooth breaks below the gum line, the tooth must be removed and replaced.

• Worn Teeth – Many people with an improper bite become “bruxers.” Bruxing, or grinding, usually occurs during sleep and leads to worn teeth.

• Clenching Teeth – A misaligned bite often leads to clenching teeth at night. While headaches can be the result, this can also cause restless sleep, fractured teeth, headaches and facial pain.

While the list goes on, these are the most common problems that arise from a misaligned bite. This is why we so carefully check your bite alignment after placing crowns, bridges or veneers.

Don’t let an improper bite cause expensive and uncomfortable problems. If you suspect your bite may be “off,” remember that this will not correct itself on its own. We’ll be happy to explain methods of bite realignment, which include tooth reshaping, crowns, oral appliances and Invisalign. Call (586) 739-2155 for a free consultation appointment.

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