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added on: September 11, 2013

I never cease to be amazed at the transformation of people who have smile makeovers. It’s easy to be excited with them! As I watch each look in the mirror at their ‘new’ smile, I know the benefits they’ll come to realize are much more than an enhanced appearance.

Over and over, I’d heard smile-makeover patients tell me how they smile a bigger smile than before, and more often. This seems to affect their overall demeanor, projecting a more positive, upbeat person. Their confidence level also gets a boost among co-workers, friends and family.

If you’ve considered a smile makeover, what is preventing you from achieving your ideal smile? Below are the typical reasons some people cite, with advice on how to overcome perceived obstacles:
•Cost: Granted, many dental treatments that require extended chair time, advanced skills, and exceptional porcelain or ceramic construction can total quite the financial commitment. While I’ve never had a patient say their new smile wasn’t worth every cent, those who forgo treatment due to cost (or opt to have cheaper work done elsewhere), are often missing the big picture. Spending large amounts on trips, cars, boats, etc. may give a temporary feeling of excitement, yet, the daily and longterm physical and psychological benefits of smile enhancements are priceless.
•Financing: When a patient makes the commitment to have a smile makeover, many inquire about financial options. We offer a number of excellent payment plans, some with no down payment and no interest the first year. For those who prefer to pay without financing, I’ve had some who save for a year or more before beginning with treatment. I’ve also seen spouses or other family members help with the fees, as a gift. Our Financial Coordinator is a wiz at helping patients find financing or work out payment arrangements. Ask to speak with her after you have your treatment plan — you may be surprised how manageable our payment arrangements can be!
Fear of discomfort: In this day and age, it’s sad that many adults still have dental fears. Today’s dentistry offers many comfort options and many practices use advanced technology, which optimizes comfort and shortens treatment and healing time. We offer both Oral and I.V. Sedation to help patients relax before and throughout treatment, typically erasing all memory of the procedure afterward. I’m pleased to say that most patients who opt for sedation initially come to find they don’t really feel it necessary after a couple of visits. This comes from a relationship of trust and our commitment to making comfort a priority at every visit.
•Concerns about the final result: I think every female knows the feeling of coming home from a hair appointment unhappy with the results. Unlike a bad hairstyle, which can be repaired quickly or grown out in several months, an unnatural-looking result in a smile makeover can be a costly waste. I’ve had adults come to me after they’ve had less-than-satisfactory results elsewhere, often because they didn’t realize the cheaper fee often means cheaper materials and substandard techniques. I’ve completing the nation’s most advanced courses in esthetics. Cutting corners when it comes to the appearance, function, longevity and proper facial balance won’t result in a savings for the patient — quite the opposite. We are committed to doing the work right the first time and having our patients thrilled at their results.
•Treatment time: Many procedures can be completed in just one or two visits. Although a complete smile makeover will likely require more than one, our advanced technology helps lessen treatment time while increasing your level of comfort. Some patients also prefer to combine several appointments into one or two long appointments. With the help of Oral Sedation, they are able to remain totally relaxed throughout and enjoy a quick recovery afterward.

Your smile plays a significant role in your appearance. Having a beautiful, healthy smile provides far more benefits than simply improving your appearance. We offer a free consultation for people considering smile enhancements of any type. Call toll free 1-866-9-Smiles to schedule a time when we can discuss options appropriate for you. You may be closer to your ideal smile than you know!

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