Your Best Bargain For Dental Implants Is In The U.S Of A.!

added on: October 27, 2014

In a recent issue of AARP’s monthly magazine, there is an article on cost comparisons of various medical and dental procedures that have lured Americans abroad for ‘bargains.’

Although there was a significant savings in procedures like heart bypass and hip replacement, Dental Implants in the U.S. are rather competitive and even less expensive than averages in many countries.

For example, the average Dental Implant cost in the U.S. is approximately $1200 (depending on type and location of placement). In Costa Rica, they average $900, $950 in Mexico and $1100 in India. However, implants are a whopping $2636 in Malaysia, $1600 in the U.K. and $1500 in Singapore. The lowest price was in Hungary at an average of $650.

After you factor in air fare, hotel costs, ground transportation and travel insurance, you must also calculate the potential risks. For example, once back in the States, an infection or unusual pain indicates a problem, which typically requires immediate attention. Unless you’re willing to repeat the trip (and travel costs), a local doctor will need to be seen.

All in all, Dental Implants in the U.S. are a bargain. The training and safety standards for dentists in America are very high and our sterilization measures are essentially unsurpassed.

Your best ‘deal’ when it comes to Dental Implants is having placement done right the first time. If complications do arise, which are rare, they can be dealt with promptly and effectively without a major travel ordeal required.

Why take a risk? Having Dental Implants placed in America gives you convenience, safety and a tremendous bargain. Let’s discuss your individual needs and options in a Free Consultation. Call toll free 1-866-9-Smiles to schedule.

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