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added on: August 25, 2014

Occasionally, a patient with old ‘silver’ fillings expresses concern about their safety, namely due to the mercury content. While the American Dental Association has not actually advised removal based on risk, some people feel better having them replaced with composite fillings. Composites have a number of advantages, in addition to being tooth-colored, including a natural appearance and giving peace of mind.

Tooth-colored composite fillings are metal-free. For people who have metal sensitivity or allergies, composite fillings are a logical choice. Silver fillings also have the potential to expand over time. This expansion, although minimal, can create fracture lines in teeth, which can lead to cracked or broken teeth. When a tooth breaks below the gum line, the tooth must be removed. Composite fillings provide exceptional durability and do not expand. Therefore, they are a better option.

Another advantage of composites is how they bond to a tooth’s structure and actually help to hold weak sections of a tooth together. Also, composite fillings often require less removal of tooth structure than silver fillings.

The optimal method for repairing large cavities or replacing multi fillings in teeth is through porcelain crowns, inlays or onlays. These provide the most natural look, feel and durability available in modern dentistry. Although more expensive than silver or composite fillings, they are a superb choice in many instances.

The mouth has been deemed “the window to the body.” Repairing teeth and saving natural teeth from loss or further damage is beneficial to your overall well being. Protect your smile and care for teeth with regular dental check-ups and a thorough oral hygiene commitment at home.

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