Zoom 2 Whitening Special!

added on: April 28, 2016

What is one of the fastest, most economical ways to improve the appearance of your smile?

Whitening teeth is an affordable way to lessen the visibility of flaws in natural teeth. A white, bright smile also projects a smile that is healthy and well-cared for.

For a limited time, Dr. Ban Barbat is offering a significant savings on Full-Mouth Zoom II – ONLY $199!

Zoom 2 gives an exceptional white in about an hour!

Zoom 2 gives an exceptional white in about an hour!

In approximately one hour, the in-office Zoom II process can remove even deep stains and provide a dramatically whiter smile. Zoom II also lasts far longer than drug store versions, which only give minor shade improvement.

Zoom II uses light activation technology, causing a “photo-fenton” reaction of peroxide and iron in the Zoom II gel. The peroxide reacts with the iron, producing stain terminators as the light cyclically renews the iron, significantly enhancing whitening results.

This process is also ideal for people who have sensitivity with some whitening systems.

Improve your smile, easily and affordably! Or, consider this Zoom II special for a special smile in your life! (Hint: Mother’s Day or Father’s Day!)

Call (586) 739-2155 for an appointment. (Hurry! Offer expires June 23, 2016)


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