Afraid Of Dentistry? We Can Help.

added on: November 6, 2018

Many years ago, I found I’d developed a reputation for a gentle touch and what many patients describe as “painless injections.” We then began offering oral sedation to help many patients get past their anxiety or “jitters” in the dental chair.

We also began offering I.V. sedation (also known as “twilight sleep”) for adults with high fear levels. Sleep dentistry, as it is often referred to, has allowed people who have avoided dental care to move forward while being relaxed or even asleep.

Although sedation options are very helpful during treatment, the goal is to make it comfortable for fearful individuals even before their first step in our door.

Because we are particularly sensitive to uneasy or “scared” patients, we begin with a conversation in our private consultation room. This room is removed from the clinical side of the practice where you can share your concerns at no cost. Here, I’ll discuss comfort options that are appropriate for your needs and and answer your questions thoroughly.

Our entire team is very supportive of our nervous patients and take great pride in helping each to feel relaxed. We also want patients to feel in control during their dental appointments. Each visit is scheduled to take patients through treatment at a pace that prevents them from feeling overwhelmed. And, during procedures, regardless of whether the patient is sedated or fully alert, we understand the need to be communicative before and during procedures.

What you’ll realize, from the very first phone call, is our commitment to help you achieve the healthy, confident smile you want while instilling a sense of trust. Because, when it comes down to it, trust is the foundation of a patient who is less likely to feel afraid or dread dental visits.

For those who’ve avoided regular dental care because of fear, you’ll also find our office is structured for your comfort from the moment you walk in our door. And, you’ll realize you are in a setting where your concerns are truly respected in a ‘lecture free’ zone!

To begin, you may wish to read our “Guide For The Fearful Dental Patient.” I wrote this pamphlet to include tips on how to move through the challenges of dental fear and feel more relaxed in a dental office. Click Here To Download or call us at 586-739-2155 to request a copy to be mailed to you.

Your smile should be a positive part of your health, appearance and self-confidence. Call 586-739-2155 or tap here to speak to our caring phone staff or ask for a free consultation so we can meet personally.

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