An Easy First Step To Overcoming Dental Fear

added on: April 7, 2014

Modern dental techniques and advanced technology in dentistry have greatly enhanced patient comfort with less time required for treatment. Yet, these advancements do nothing to help fearful patients overcome dental fears caused by a rough, impatient dentist.

We begin with most patients in a Consultation appointment. In this, we discuss their current situation, goals and concerns. With most fearful patients, I find they perceive a sense of lost control in the dental chair, which is understandable. From a patient’s point of view, being in a reclined position in a narrow chair makes some feel vulnerable.

I also realize that new patients, especially fearful ones, need time to gain confidence in my commitment to their comfort. Because the mouth is a very sensitive area, fearful patients actually anticipate pain.

While dental fear is not uncommon among adults, it can be overcome. Although we offer fearful patients I.V. Sedation (twilight sleep), many opt to begin with Oral Sedation. With Oral Sedation, the medication is taken prior to your arrival so you are relaxed from the very beginning. Once you are in the treatment chair, a staff member is continually by your side to monitor you with sophisticated equipment.

Numbing medications are provided once you are totally relaxed, so this process causes no anxiety. You’ll be relaxed throughout your visit and likely won’t remember any part of treatment. Yet, afterwards, you’ll find that recovery is quick and you’ll feel refreshed.

I chose the dental profession because of the positive difference a healthy, attractive smile has on each person, inside and out! Yet, many of my most rewarding moments is when once fearful patients walk in all smiles with sedation no longer needed!

If dental fears are preventing you from a healthy, flattering smile, remember that every journey begins with a first step. Call toll free 1-866-9-Smiles for a free Consultation. We’ll meet, talk and discuss your options so you can decide how you wish to proceed.

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