Dental Check-ups Save You Money

added on: April 3, 2014

When it’s time to have your car serviced, the mechanic has an opportunity to make sure belts, brake pads, fluid levels, windshield wipers and fuses are all working properly. He’ll check the tires for worn tread and either recommend tire rotation to minimize further wear or replacement. These service visits help you avoid major breakdowns that can occur later.

Your dental check-ups are like a ‘servicing’ of your mouth. Your Hygienist notes any changes that have occurred since your last visit and checks for signs of periodontal disease. She cleans your teeth, removing plaque buildup that can cause cavities and destroy gum tissue. When I examine your mouth, I also review the intricate details of digital ‘x-rays’ so we can repair problems while they’re still small and will require minimal time and expense.

Unlike a mechanic who can lift the hood of your car and check the interworkings of each part, we rely on digital images. Today’s dental technology gives exceptional views of interior cracks, fractures, bone loss, decay and areas vulnerable to become problems. Each hygiene cleaning and check-up is designed to help you have a clean, healthy smile that you’ll feel confident sharing.

Are you giving your smile as much care as your vehicle? If you’re behind on your 6-month check-ups, call us at 1-866-9-Smiles so we can bring you back “up to speed!” (Pun intended!)

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