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added on: September 24, 2018

Fall fashions are everywhere — department store windows, television commercials, sales flyers, and popping up all over the internet.

A lot of money can be put into clothes, shoes, handbags, hairstyles, and makeup. Yet, can anything have a greater impact on your appearance AND self-confidence as a flattering, beautiful smile?

Before and After Picture of One of Our Patients

Actress & Actual Patient Tabitha – Before & After

The positive effect of smiling is something that can can be experienced both inward and outward. Smiling, according to research, triggers the release of certain brain chemicals – endorphins, serotonin, and dopamine. The act of smiling (even when we don’t feel like it and ‘fake’ a smile) activates these chemicals to create good feelings that boost our mood.

And, a 2010 study by researchers at Wayne State University found that lifespan may be affected by a smile. By studying the lifetimes of baseball cards of 1950’s major league players, they found that the smiling players lived an average of nearly 80 years compared to just less than 73 years for the non-smiling players. (

Of course, smiling keeps people from appearing sad or anxious. Smilers are also more approachable and exude a sense of self-confidence. Studies even show a smile can make others perceive us as looking thinner, healthier, and more youthful.

One such study at the University of Missouri-Kansas City’s department of psychology. The researchers had college students examine images of male faces in several age groups, ranging from 30 – 65. Some of the faces were smiling with others having neutral expressions.

The study participants were asked to label the faces as being “young” or “old.” The research showed that happy, smiling faces were judged as “young” more often (almost regardless of age) than faces with neutral expressions. Likewise, neutral faces were seen as older in each age group than their happy counterparts.

This UMKC study was followed by another where college students were asked to quickly estimate the weight of 960 faces, some smiling, others with sad expressions, and others with neutral expressions. The results? Sad faces were judged to be heavier. (

The research is endless, but the results tend to always lean in the direction of the positive effects that smiling can make. Yet, for people who have smile flaws, the joys of smiling can allude them. When a smile shows teeth that have cavities; teeth that are chipped, worn or missing; or teeth that are darkly stained or mis-shapened, smiling can be awkward

If you feel your smile detracts from the ‘real you,’ then let’s discuss ways to correct your smile’s flaws and recreate a smile you’ll love to share often and joyfully! For many people, correcting smile imperfections can be as simple as a single visit whitening or repairs with bonding, which can also be done in one appointment. In our office, we use advanced skills, techniques, and technology to provide optimal results in today’s cosmetic dentistry.

For many people, we do smile makeovers using porcelain veneers or porcelain crowns. Porcelain is the most durable material available in modern cosmetic dentistry. It resists staining better than other materials and also has the best longevity. Additionally, porcelain provides a highly natural look and feel, with an opalescence that mimics a natural tooth with no hint of “dental work.”

Treatments involving porcelain veneers are generally completed in just two visits. Once we determine which teeth will be involved in treatment (typically the top, front teeth most visible in a full smile), we create a ‘wax up.’ This is a likeness of your teeth and provides a view of how each enhanced tooth would appearance with the others once treatment is completed.

In the preparation phase, we gently reshape the natural teeth so the veneer will fit over it. We make sure you are comfortable throughout – and can provide oral sedation in addition to novocaine for optimal comfort, if desired. Once the teeth are prepared, we placed temporary restorations until your final porcelain restorations are ready (generally about 2 weeks). These ‘temporaries’ will provide a normal look and acceptable function until your treatment is completed.

When your final veneers are ready for placement, the appointment goes rather quickly. We gently remove the temporary restorations (again, while you are numb) and check your bite alignment. We polish them for a beautiful finish and ta-dah! your new smile is ready for you to share with the world!

We’ve seen so many patients “come out of their shells” after having smile makeovers! They dress differently, style their hair differently, become more social, pursue better jobs, and, of course, smile more often! And, as mentioned prior, smiling helps you to appear younger, thinner and healthier, and may even mean you live longer!

This fall season, look beyond the facade of clothes and shoes! Focus on what can make the biggest difference in your appearance! Begin by calling 586-739-2155 to schedule a free consultation or tap here to begin. During this time, we’ll discuss the type of treatment recommended for your smile enhancement, number of teeth that may be involved in treatment, comfort options, payment plans, and time needed for completion.

Ready for a new smile and a new YOU? Check out our Smile Gallery and then call for your free consult! I look forward to our discussion!


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