Beware Those “Good Deals” When It Comes To Dental Implants!

added on: January 14, 2014

Occasionally, I see “deals”  advertised for dental implants. I often cringe when I see these because of things I know, but the general public isn’t necessarily aware.

The success of a dental implant depends largely on the proper selection of implant type, the angle it is positioned in the bone and the depth it is placed. Without this precision, the risk of failure (and thus, need for removal) increases greatly.

What is especially concerning about these “cheap” options is knowing how many things can go wrong, causing the patient to lose all the time and money spent trying to get a “good deal.” All in all, dental implants are one of the most successful of all implant-in-bone procedures. With proper selection, placement and ongoing hygiene commitment, dental implants have an extremely high potential to last your lifetime.

What many people find when pursuing these bargain-priced implants is the low rate often covers placement of the implant only, which is the portion positioned in the bone under the gums. They then learn that there are additional costs, including fees for sedation,  charges for the operatory suite, necessary extractions, etc. Too, these low fees seldom include the replacement teeth — without them, dental implants aren’t much of an advantage!

Saving money is a good feeling when our goals are fulfilled to our satisfaction. When we find we’ve wasted our hard-earned dollars, we feel cheated. Yet, in the long run, what we end up with comes back to a decision we willingly made. After all, no one took the money out of our pocket.

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