Why Use A Gadget When Flossing Is Better The Old-Fashioned Way? We Can Help!

added on: January 8, 2014

As a Dentist, I know the value of daily flossing. When performed correctly and on a regular basis, the benefits of flossing are enormous to one’s oral and overall health. Like many in my profession, I’ve heard all the excuses from those who don’t/won’t floss: “The floss hurts my fingers.” “It takes too long.” “It hurts my gums.” “I can’t reach my back teeth.”  and so on.

Yet, those who floss regularly spend less than 2 minutes a day and do an excellent job without a mirror and with no discomfort to fingers or gums. Like anything, practice makes perfect. These are also the patients who have no discomfort during cleanings, have far less cavities or gum problems, and are most likely to keep their teeth all their lives.

While I am a proponent of most electronic tooth brushes, I am less than excited about the latest dental gadget – an air flosser. I’ve read reviews from some a few who were excited that flossing could be done without effort. Yet, below is a review from one of Costco’s members that didn’t surprise me:

Cons: more work than string floss, can leak, doesn’t hold enough water, can damage tongue or cheek if positioned wrong.
“This does not do as good a job as traditional floss at getting between the teeth where they are tight. It does get that little triangle space at the bottom. It doesn’t hold much water or mouthwash. You had better get it positioned correctly before you push the button because a little distraction and an accidental push can actually damage soft tissue like your tongue or cheek. (Healed in a week or so.) My husband and I were very disappointed.”

By the way, it seems that Costco has since pulled this device from its inventory. Apparently, there is no substitute to the tried-&-true technique of flossing one’s teeth the old-fashioned way.

If you struggle with flossing, arrange to meet with one of our Hygienists. She’ll work with you to develop your own flossing technique that is comfortable and effectively performed in an efficient amount of time! Call toll free 1-866-9-Smiles.

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