Comedian Makes A Good Dental Argument

added on: December 1, 2012

It’s sometimes funny where life’s lessons come from! I was watching television with my children the other day and a commercial for a heartburn medication came on. It featured a Southern good ol’ boy know as ‘Larry.’ He was asking a good question: “Why get heartburn in the first place when you can prevent it?”

Makes perfect sense. Why get a cavity when you can prevent it? Cavities are preventable with a good oral home care regimen and sufficient involvement with your dentist. When you make the effort to prevent problems from occurring in the first place, you save yourself time and money.

As a dentist, I’m trained to diagnose and repair cavities, but I’d much rather see you avoid them. And, it makes me very happy, because I am reminded that I’m having the impact on my patients I truly desire. Even if you have to be reminded by a comedian named Larry!

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