De-Masking? Get Your Smile Beaming Beautifully Again!

added on: May 20, 2021

As COVID numbers finally decline as more people get fully vaccinated, we’re starting to see more smiling faces out in public. While we encourage those not yet vaccinated or who have immune-compromised health issues to continue advised precautions, it’s nice to finally see more smiles.

This is a good time to evaluate your smile. As we are out enjoying the warmer weather and socializing more, your smile will be a welcome sight.

Hopefully, you spent the past year or so taking good care of your dental health on a continual basis. Regardless of being sheltered in place or working/studying from home, you hopefully maintained your oral hygiene routine. If not, we encourage you to schedule an appointment for a dental exam and cleaning as soon as possible.

You’ll be pleased to know that dental offices have remained as one of the safest environments you can enter. With dentists having some of the lowest COVID positive rates in the U.S., the safety protocols have provided our staff and patients with a minimal-risk environment while bringing our patients’ oral health states back to desirable levels.

Our Shelby Twp dental office has always taken stringent steps in sterilization and infection control. However, before re-opening our dental office in June 2020, we added an additional layer of safety measures, including advanced air filtration. You can view some of these on our web site ( or simply tap here.

Once your teeth and gums are determined to be healthy, you’ll be ready to focus on the appearance of your smile. If you look in the mirror and smile a full smile, you may notice some flaws you’d like to have improved. For instance:

Have your teeth yellowed or been stained by coffee, colas, tea, wine or smoking?

Are you missing teeth?

Are your teeth crooked or chipped/broken?

Is your gum line uneven?

Does too much gum area show above teeth when you smile?

With advanced training in all aspects of cosmetic dentistry, I’ll recommend ways to achieve a flattering smile affordably and with a natural look and feel. The skills and experience of the cosmetic dentist you select can greatly affect the outcome – in having a balanced bite, comfort and efficiency throughout treatment, natural appeal, and optimal longevity.

A cosmetic dentist needs to be able to develop a treatment plan that will work best for each individual. For example, a trained eye can determine how many teeth should be involved in treatment and assess the line of gum tissue that arches each tooth, giving an even smile line that compliments the teeth in a balanced way.

In our office, we take the individual’s facial features into consideration. In some cases, adding a bit of length to the shape of teeth can help balance out the patient’s overall smile. We also integrate proper bite alignment into each treatment plan.

When teeth are not properly aligned, this can radiate out to the jaw joints (TMJ), leading to stress and strain on these joints. As a neuromuscular dentist, I’ve seen the repercussions that occur as a result of crowns that are too tall, too short, or improperly angled.

These disparities can lead to frequent headaches, migraines, chipped or worn teeth, clenching, grinding, ear ringing or dizziness (vertigo). By incorporating proper alignment techniques into treatment, you can avoid problems associated with TMJ disorders, which are often the result of a bite that is “off.” The added steps we take can help protect your investment and support your long-term oral health.

In our Macomb County dental office, we provide all procedures for cosmetic dentistry. This includes porcelain veneers, porcelain crowns, teeth whitening, Invisalign clear braces, and gum recontouring.

For people who are missing teeth, we can replace teeth in a number of ways. We offer all phases of dental implants, from diagnosis to placement to the restoration of the replacement teeth. Oral and IV sedation (twilight sleep) are available for optimal patient comfort throughout any procedure.

Additionally, crown-&-bridge, partials and full dentures are available to restore a natural look and beautiful smile. Using one of the nation’s top dental labs for our patients’ restorations also enhances the longevity of these appliances.

Our dental office also features some of the most advanced dental technology available. For example, our Cone Beam 3D imaging is ideal for the assessment of the jaws for dental implant placement as well as evaluation of the TMJ. It provides intricate views of bone structure damage or bone loss, which enables us to treatment plan so the potential problems that may arise in the future can be avoided.

Any of our cosmetic or restorative procedures (tooth repair or replacement) are performed with optimal patient comfort and in efficient appointment segments. This allows the patient to achieve their beautiful smile without lengthy treatment times required.

And, cosmetic dentistry is affordable for most budgets through any of our payment plans. You can meet personally with our Financial Coordinator, Deb. She has helped hundreds of our patients to enjoy their fabulous, new smiles while making easy monthly payments.

Ready for that healthy, confident smile to beam brightly? Call 586-739-2155 for a free consultation appointment or tap here to begin.

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