The Truth About Dentures

added on: June 10, 2021

In our Shelby Township dental office, we pride ourselves on the trusted relationships we have with our patients. For over two decades, people in the Macomb and Oakland County area have relied on us to provide a complete care environment where each feels respected, confident, and always comfortable.

Thus, I’d like to address dentures for those who wear them or are considering them; providing a professional point of view of both the advantages and challenges.

To clarify, we DO place full and partial dentures in patients who prefer them for tooth replacement. Some people feel these are more appropriate for their budgets and others like the simplicity of a removable oral appliance. We respect their choices and are diligent in providing dental prosthetics that have the look and feel of the teeth that have been lost.

Dentures have been used to replace teeth for centuries. They are a familiar option that accomplishes the goals for restored smiling appearance and ability to chew. However, this is where the challenges of dentures arise. Here is what occurs as a result of wearing dentures or partials:

• When tooth roots are missing from the jaw bone that once supported natural teeth, the bone begins to shrink in mass. This decline in bone mass can affect the stability of adjacent teeth (for people who have teeth remaining). This process is known as resorption. The pressure of a denture on the gum “ridge” actually speeds up the rate of bone loss. For those who sleep in their dentures, resorption is a ’round-the-clock occurrence at an excelled speed.

• Because of bone resorption, the snug fit of a denture will loosen. This is due to the flattening of the gum ridge as it declines in height. Thus, the contours to which the denture was originally made to conform are ever-changing due to bone loss. This is what causes dentures to slip, often rubbing sore spots on tender gum tissues. Denture adhesive is often needed more frequently. Certain foods are avoided as biting and chewing become more challenging. Eventually, “relines” are needed to reshape the interior of the denture’s base.

• The gum-colored base of dentures or partials that hold the replacement teeth is made of a porous material. This means there are tiny holes in the base. In the mouth, a denture sits in a warm, dark, moist environment – perfect for bacterial growth. These holes become home to oral bacteria that thrive and breed at a rapid rate. Bad breath and increased risk of pneumonia are actually some of the lesser problems that can occur. ( If you’ve read my previous posts, you are aware that oral bacteria can wreak havoc throughout the body. It has become known as a contributor of a long list of serious health diseases and conditions. To name a few, it has been associated with some cancers, stroke, heart disease, Alzheimer’s disease, pre-term babies and many more. 

• The insecurity of a denture that may move when eating causes some people to avoid social gatherings. The fear of embarrassment can be a deterrent to staying involved with friends and family. This places the individual at a disadvantage as research shows that socially active seniors age more slowly than those who avoid social interactions. (

The reason we offer dental implants is because of their many advantages, with the only disadvantage being a higher cost. Yet, implants are actually the most sound investment over time. They are designed to last a lifetime, will never need replacement or repair, and restore smiling and eating confidence for a healthier you.

Additionally, because dental implants are positioned in the jaw bone, they recreate the presence of missing tooth roots. This halts the process of resorption. An added bonus is in how implants help to preserve facial appearance that can otherwise result from a shrinking jaw bone.

Implant fees can often be assumed to be much higher than is actually the case. For many individuals, six or eight implants can securely support a full arch of teeth. For those who have lost significant bone mass, the All On Four implant system can be placed in minimal bone using only four implants per arch. The unique design and specific placement of the uniquely designed implants can help many denture wearers enjoy the benefits of dental implants at less cost.

Too, people are often unaware that payment plans are available. Most of these break the total cost into easy monthly payments with no down payment required. These are interest-free if paid within the terms and enable patients to achieve the confident smile they want while making payments that fit within their budgets.

Our Shelby Two dental office offers all phases of dental implant treatment. We also offer oral and I.V. sedation (“twilight sleep”) for optimal comfort.

For people who prefer dentures, we are happy to accommodate and provide an exceptional look and feel, designed to individual ridge contours for optimal comfort and fit. If you’re interested in exploring the option of dental implants, however, ask for a free consultation. In our private consultation room, we can discuss what may work best for your needs and preferences.

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