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added on: March 9, 2022

Women, especially, know when something says “one size fits all,” there’s a pretty good chance it will be a little too large or too small. Adults, both male and female, come in all shapes and sizes. When one item is made to accommodate “most” people, it tends to ignore the uniqueness of each person.

In many cases, the manufacturer is putting out a product that they’re hoping is “middle of the road” enough that lures people because it is a cheaper price.

One size fits all is not a great investment. This is certainly the case with dental implants. And, this is why dental implants come in over 40 different Implant systems, each designed to accommodate unique needs and goals.

For example, the All-On-4 dental implant uses only four strategically-placed implants to support an entire arch of upper or lower teeth with minimal bone depth needed. This is ideal for people who have lost bone mass due to extended periods of tooth loss.

The All On Four system also supports non-removable teeth. This is especially appealing for people who have worn dentures for years and had to remove their denture for cleaning and sleeping. Additionally, All On 4 returns the ease of brushing your teeth in your mouth again and restores chewing comfort of the foods you love.

Other implant types can support one, two or several teeth in one area. This offers an excellent alternative to Crown-&-Bridge combinations. Since implants are supported by the foundation of the jaw bone, just as natural tooth roots, they do not need to be held by crowned teeth on adjacent sides. A dental implant restores dependable support without the need to compromise otherwise healthy teeth.

Today’s Dental Implants have a long history, being fine-tuned for over 50 years. They became a successful tooth replacement option in the late 1970’s when titanium was used. Titanium was a fairly new metal that had been found to be biologically compatible to living bone. That means it could be placed in human bone without rejection.

Titanium is as strong as steel but only 45 percent the weight. And, although it’s twice as strong as aluminum, it’s only 60 percent heavier.

A bonus of Dental Implants, regardless of the type, is its ability to halt bone resorption. This occurs when the jaw bone shrinks due to natural tooth roots no longer being present in the bone. Because implants recreate the presence of tooth roots, the stimulation needed to keep the bone at a healthy mass is restored. This foundation of bone also restores the strength and dependability of biting and chewing comfort.

A sign of bone loss is the change in facial appearance. Over time, bone loss can cause deep wrinkling around the mouth, with the corners of the mouth turning downward, even when smiling. Jowls form as facial muscles detach from the declining bone mass. Eventually, bone loss causes the mouth to sink into the face. The chin moves closer to the tip of the nose, creating a look referred to as a “witches chin”.

What we encounter on occasion is a new patient who has been given a very low price on dental implant treatment. Like the savings of goods from manufacturers who put out “one size fits all” products, there’s a trade off. It is the paying consumer who is left with a compromised investment for the safe of a lower price. When it comes to dental implants, this trade-off comes with a number of risks.

What can a dental office that is highly-skilled and experienced in all types of dental implants provide?

• Using some of dentistry’s most advanced technology available allows us to accurately assess existing bone structures to determine ideal implant placement depths and angles;

• The ability to select the best type of implant system for people with reduced bone mass; 

• Determining the number of implants necessary to adequately support a single implant, a bridge or even a full arch of replacement teeth;

• The ability to prepare the gum tissues prior to implant placement, and to help implant patients maintain healthy gums after placement (lowering implant failure potential);

• An office that is known for placing a priority on patient comfort, at every visit. Here, we also offer oral sedation as well as I.V. sedation (“twilight sleep”). These are administered by trained professionals using advanced safety monitoring equipment.

• The skills and commitment to create replacement teeth using the highest grade of materials for a beautiful smile with natural appeal and optimal longevity; and

• An office that provides all phases of implant dentistry in one location. From diagnosis to implant placement to restoration of your completed smile, this can help minimize appointments while optimizing your comfort and results.

As a neuromuscular dentist, our patients also enjoy these advanced skills that are incorporated into all treatment.

Neuromuscular dentistry is based on the understanding that all cranio-facial structures must work harmoniously during chewing, speaking, and in resting positions. Disharmony in one area tends to extend to another, and then another. The problems can be far-reaching and result in potentially costly repairs over time.

Neuromuscular structures include the temporomandibular joints (TMJ), muscles, bones and teeth. Without a unified flow among these structures, the eventual results can be chipped or fractured teeth, headaches, night-time clenching and grinding, ear ringing, dizziness, and even failure of dental implants.

Our dental implant patients also like that they never need to go without teeth. Even while the implants are “settling in” with the bone structure (know as “osseointegration”), a denture or partial can comfortably be worn. Or, we provide “temporaries” for patients that provide a comfortable look and function during this period of integration.

Dental implants are the next best thing to natural teeth. In the right hands, your implanted teeth will feel and function like “real” teeth, look beautiful, and restore a confident smile. The difference dental implants make can in an individual’s life can be nothing short of amazing.

If you have considered replacing missing teeth or are weary of a denture or partial, call 586-739-2155 or tap here to schedule a free consultation appointment at our Shelby Twp dental office. During this time, we’ll relax in a private room and discuss your individual needs and preferences. We can talk about sedation options, costs, and treatment times.

While you’re here, I can also introduce you to our Financial Coordinator. She will be happy to assist you with easy, monthly payment plans that work for most any budget.

We want to help you achieve an optimal outcome for an affordable price. We understand that Dental Implants are a financial commitment, one that deserves to be “done right the first time!” As a dentist who is highly experienced in dental implants, we encourage you to seek out treatment in hands you can trust.

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