How A Beautiful Smile Can Improve Your Life

added on: March 21, 2022

A rose is a rose is a rose.

In 1913 when Gertrude Stein wrote the verse in her poem “Sacred Emily,” she could not have predicted how those words would become a particular phrase. Most people use it to describe that anything that appears so, is.

Of course, we know that’s not true when it comes to certain things. As a cosmetic dentist in Shelby Township, it’s certainly not true when it comes to a smile.

To say “a smile is a smile is a smile” misses the fact that a smile is much more than the appearance of teeth. It goes much deeper than that.

A smile that is beautiful is one that is ideal for the individual who shares it. It’s one that just “fits” the individual.

A smile that is beautiful – for you – is made up of a number of components. It involves the shape of your face; the width, height and shade of the teeth; the shape and height of the gums that arch over each tooth; and the smile as a whole in balance to the lips.

A highly-trained cosmetic dentist takes all these things into consideration in smile makeovers to create smiles that are individually beautiful.

The number of teeth involved in treatment is also a consideration. For example, if the two front teeth are slightly overlapped, placing crowns or veneers on the front four may be sufficient to create a well-balanced “new” smile. However, for a balanced smile line, most individuals need the top six or eight teeth involved in treatment. This helps to achieve the beautiful look that makes people want to smile, and often!

Additionally, a dentist who is meticulous in these details is also committed to the natural look and feel of the porcelain veneers or crowns that are placed. Porcelain, which is an ideal material for esthetic dentistry, has unique properties.

Porcelain has the best longevity of any material in cosmetic restorations and is the most resistant to staining. Additionally, porcelain has an opacity and luminosity like that of natural teeth. This means that the crown or veneer is able to reflect light as a ‘real’ tooth and avoids casting a solid, flat appearance.

In a February 2020 article published by Business Insider, a study cited revealed some interesting results when it comes to how others perceive us through our smiles. In two experiments, study participants were shown faces varying in attractiveness and happiness.

Through their selections of those most attractive, the top choices included the intensity of a smile, noting that a happy facial expression could even compensate for unattractiveness. Facial attractiveness also influenced the perception of those who were truly happy.

Your gum tissues also have much to do with the appearance of your smile. When crowns or veneers are placed on teeth, the arch of gum tissue above each tooth forms a frame. When some teeth have a higher arch than others, it creates a jumbled look. Although the restorations may be beautiful, this imbalance of gum framing tends to detract from a smile’s appearance.

Gum shaping is an ideal use for our dental laser. A dental laser eliminates or greatly minimizes bleeding during procedures and reduces numbing requirements while beautifully reshaping gum tissue with a precision line. Because this laser seals the tissue as it goes, healing time is often faster as well.

When it comes to smile restorations, I have always been committed to providing the most ideal look, feel and function. My training includes completion of mastery levels at one of the globe’s most prestigious dental training institutes, where I achieved Fellowship status. 

Additionally, I’ve completed extensive training in neuromuscular dentistry. Through these skills, I am able to incorporate measures to evaluate and treat existing malocclusion (incorrect bite alignment) and TMJ (jaw joint) disorders. These skills mean our patients are able to enjoy attractive smiles with an added (and important) advantage. A neuromuscular dentist can help to minimize the risk of developing future problems due to bite misalignment.

How would your life be different if you LOVED your smile? Would you smile more often? Would you feel more confident and attractive? Would you be more outgoing? After smile makeovers, I have seen miraculous changes in patients. The power of a smile is amazing.

Let’s get your smile healthy and fabulous! Begin with a free consultation – just tap here or call 586-739-2155. We’ll discuss comfort options, estimated treatment time, payment plans, and anything that has been an obstacle to your ability to live life with the smile you’ve always imagined!

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