Helping Fearful Patients Overcome Their Fears – FOR GOOD!

added on: August 24, 2011

It is estimated that one-third of American adults experience anxiety associated with dental visits. Many are so fearful that they avoid dental visits altogether. This, in turn, relates to the many adults who develop a number of oral problems, including periodontal disease, the nation’s leading cause of tooth loss.

With many adults unsure of what sparked their fears in the first place, high-fear patients realize they are not always able to overcome these issues without putting themselves in the hands of the right doctor. We understand these patients often need a slower pace until they are more confident about having treatment without the addition of sedation. Until that time, we offer Oral Sedation.

While sometimes referred to as ‘conscious sedation,’ Oral Sedation allows patients to be totally relaxed before, during and after treatment, leaving little or no memory of the procedure afterward. Oral Sedation is administered in pill form and allows patients to complete care comfortably since numbing medications are administered after the Oral Sedation has taken effect.

We make comfort a priority for all patients at every visit. When adults realize they can complete dental care without overwhelming fear, they are able to have necessary treatment, many for the first time in years. This allows them to achieve a healthy, confident smile with many treatments completed in just one appointment.

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