Get The Competitive Edge Of A Greek Warrior!

added on: August 31, 2011

What’s this about MouthWear that can …

Lower your golf score, put more stamina in your run, add more power to your tennis swing, power you up in about any non-contact sport!

Ancient Greek athletes bit down on a leather strap for a competitive edge. Viking and Roman warriors would clamp down on leather bits for more focus on the battlefield. Something worked here, but it never evolved.  Until now.

Armour Bite® is designed to unlock your body’s instinctive reflex system – teeth clenching – to give you an athletic edge, from running to golf to tennis or nearly any sport.

When you train and compete, your natural reaction is to clench your jaw. This compresses the TMJ (jaw joint), which releases excess performance-sapping hormones (like cortisol) to produce stress, fatigue and distraction.

Armour Bite is a member of the Under Armour® line of products, famous for their innovative performance apparel and moisture wicking fabrics, in particular. It is designed to prevent your teeth from clenching and pivot the jaw forward. This relieves pressure on the jaw joints and eliminates the excess negative hormones and energy-draining effects so you can achieve your full athletic potential.

If you’re looking to excel competitively, or just knock some strokes off your handicap, call (586) 739-2155 to discuss Armour Bite with Dr. Barbat during a complimentary consultation appointment.

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