How To Have A Terrific Smile This Holiday!

added on: September 19, 2013

As we near the beginning of the holiday season, when socializing and group gatherings are at the year’s peak, rethink the money you’ll spend on that sparkly new dress or designer shoes. Research shows that the first thing people notice about others is their SMILE! If you truly want to sparkle and stand out in a positive way, give your smile a close look in the mirror.

Is your smile a dull gray, brown from coffee stains, or has it yellowed?
Does your smile look healthy and clean?
Is your breath fresh? Does your mouth ‘taste’ clean?
Do some teeth look long, showing dark tooth-root areas?
Are some teeth chipped or uneven so they distract from your smile?

A healthy smile projects positively on the one who shares it, even when crooked or chipped teeth are present. Be sure your at-home oral hygiene routine includes twice-daily brushing and flossing each night. In the morning, use a tongue-scrapper to remove bacteria embedded in the tongue. And, keep those 6-month cleaning appointments that remove plaque build-up.

Whitening your teeth is simple, affordable and can give your smile an appealing appearance, also. White teeth help to camouflage flaws such as chipped or crooked teeth. We use Zoom II, which is an affordable whitening system that creates dramatic, long-lasting results quickly, safely and comfortably.

To ‘patch’ chips or even out your smile line, bonding is an affordable method that can make a tremendous improvement in the appearance of your smile. Today’s bonding materials and the techniques we use create highly-natural results.

Rethink your party clothes, jewelry or accessories this year. Stand out beautifully with your smile! That’s the terrific ‘sparkle’ they’ll remember!

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