Invisalign Or Veneers?

added on: May 18, 2012

A beautiful smile has many benefits. It enhances your facial appearance, makes you look (and often, feel) more outgoing and confident, and typically causes people to smile more, which projects a positive, upbeat personality.

If your teeth are crowded or crooked, the natural way to a beautiful smile is by straightening teeth. We offer Invisalign (for both teens and adults) as an alternative to braces that moves teeth at a pace faster than the traditional ‘brackets-&-wires’ version. Also, Invisalign is clear, so you won’t feel awkward about your appearance during treatment and the molds are removable for eating and brushing.

For a more attractive smile, however, some people opt for porcelain veneers. Not only can veneers create a flattering smile in just one or two visits, they allow you to enhance the appearance of your smile to a greater degree. While Invisalign will move the natural teeth you have, veneers or crowns make improvements to the shape and shade of teeth.

For example, if your natural teeth are short and you want a bright smile that ‘opens your whole face up,’ Invisalign cannot change the length of teeth, nor the shade. While we carefully incorporate proper bite alignment in all procedures, porcelain veneers and crowns can also make a dramatic difference in appearance.

Before you make your decision as to your treatment preference, we’ll discuss your overall goals so your treatment outcome provides you with the smile you truly desire.

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