Making Oral Health A Family Affair

added on: May 21, 2012

Most of our patients are adolescents, teens and adults. However, habits of daily oral hygiene are formed much earlier through the guidance of parents. Helping children get into twice-daily routines of brushing is the first step in avoiding (or greatly minimizing) dental repairs in the future. As a member of your team in this regard, we can help tremendously in this effort.

• During your child’s six-month oral exams and cleanings, our hygienist will point out particular areas where your child may have difficulty reaching. She can make suggestions for more effective brushing angles.

• Flossing at a young age can be a challenge. However, the sooner your child is in the habit of daily flossing, the more dedicated they become to it. We can provide instructions and help your child with his or her technique.

• Sealants are an added cost to hygiene visits, but far less expensive than the price of a filling to repair a cavity. Sealants cover the deep pits and grooves of teeth where bacteria typically congregate, multiply and begin damage.

Our goal is to help you avoid problems and enjoy good oral health, for yourself and your entire family. Always feel comfortable asking for instruction during your visits for yourself or a family member. Healthy smiles for every age is what we’re all about!


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