Looking For A “Deal” on Dental Implants

added on: May 20, 2024

It seems more and more people are going right to a digital source to not only find something they want or need – including medical and dental services – they do price comparisons and look for special offers and “deals.”

While we all want to get the most of our hard-earned money, medical and dental services are no place for this. Here’s why…

Getting results that are best for your needs and goals:

Whether you’re missing one, several or all upper and/or lower teeth, there are over 40 different dental implant systems to consider that will best suit your specific needs. While some are better at supporting more than one tooth (a “bridge” of several teeth), another type may be better for those who’ve lost a great deal of bone mass.

For instance, the “All on 4” dental implant system is ideal for people who have experienced severe jaw bone loss and want to avoid the bone rebuilding procedures needed prior to implant placement. Using unique implant designs and placement angles, only 4 dental implants are needed to support an entire arch. While some types are best for supporting non-removable teeth, others may offer less expensive systems that hold removable implants that still provide dependable stability and biting and chewing comfort.

Seeing a dental office that provides the start-to-finish process can help you receive a diagnosis of ideal selection, precision placement, and optimal results.


Getting results that will last:

One of the most appealing benefits of dental implants is in how they are designed to last a lifetime. Properly selected, placed, and cared for, your dental implants should provide you with all the pleasures of natural teeth. While dental implants have one of the highest success rates of all implant-in-bone implant types (including needs and hips) they can fail.

When an implant is placed too close to a nerve that runs horizontally through the lower jaw (mandible) or too close to the sinus cavity in the upper jaw (maxilla), there is risk that removal may be necessary in the future. Too, the forces of biting and chewing can over-extend the capabilities of mis-angled implants. This, too, can lead to the need for implant removal.

The best way to minimize risk is to receive dental implants by a comprehensive dental office that can oversee your oral health prior to placement, provide the complete implant process, and offer continued oral health care so your dental implants are healthy for a lifetime of smiles.

In our Shelby Township dental office, we also incorporate neuromuscular dentistry into restorative and implant procedures. This helps you avoid risks of bite misalignment, which can lead to headaches, migraines, sore jaw joints, ear ringing, jaw popping, dizziness and night-time clenching or grinding.


Getting results you’ll love:

If you choose a hair stylist online who is offering a special rate to attract new customers, you know there’s a risk that you’ll walk out of the salon less than thrilled with the results. However, a bad haircut or unflattering color can be overcome in a couple of months of regrowth. A smile is a much bigger issue.

The appearance of your smile not only affects your appearance, it goes much deeper. Your smile can have an impact on your self-esteem, self-confidence and even your mood. Research has found that the act of smiling perks up your mood by causing chemicals in the brain to release. And when people feel good about their smile, they smile more. Research has also found that frequent smilers live longer. With all those benefits of a smile you love to share, the advantages of putting yourself in the hands of a dentist with a combination of talents are clear.

By providing a dental office that provides all stages of dental implants – from diagnosis to placement to providing the final replacement teeth (“restorations”), your investment can be the best one you’ve ever made (and we hear that a lot!).


In our Macomb County dental office, our patients also like that we offer Oral and I.V. Sedation (“twilight sleep”). These comfort options help patients have treatment while comfortably dozing through their procedures. Both have fairly quick recoveries and erase most or all memory of treatment afterward.

When scanning your desktop, laptop, or mobile device for the “best deal” on dental implants, keep in mind that there are many aspects involved to have an ideal result that truly equate to a “great investment.” One reason we offer a free consultation for those considering dental implants is our desire to ensure each individual is able to make an informed decision. During this time, I can discuss your specific needs and answer your questions thoroughly.

We also offer some excellent payment plans that help patients enjoy their new smiles while making easy monthly payments that are affordable to most budgets. These have no down payment required and are interest-free. Ask about these during your consultation or visit: Barbat EZ Payment

To schedule a consult, call 586-739-2155 or tap here to begin. And, please get to know our comprehensive dental office through this brief video: DrBarbatOfficeTour



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