Men! Impress Her With A Clean, Healthy Mouth!

added on: May 5, 2014

Our Hygienists take pride in the close relationships they have with our patients. During these twice-per-year cleanings, many patients share ‘the latest’ on their personal or professional lives. For women in the dating world, it’s not unusual to hear female patients share how “turned off” they are by men with poor dental hygiene.

Some have shared that, after that first kiss, they knew they wouldn’t be kissing this man again. Some tell things like how men show up for a date with food stuck in their teeth or with bad breath.

Stained teeth is also a telling sign for women. When teeth are yellow or brown, females often associate it with poor oral hygiene. Our hygienists have heard several times, “If he doesn’t take care of his teeth, I don’t want to know what other poor hygiene habits he has.” Whiter teeth not only project a healthier smile, it can take years off your actual age.

Several years ago, a survey showed how oral care habits of men and women differ when it comes to the care of their teeth and gums. It found 86% of females brush their teeth twice or more a day while only 66% of males do.

The solution is so easy, fellas! Be committed to your 6-month oral hygiene visits, brush twice daily (at least 2 mins.), floss daily and use a tongue scrapper to sweep away embedded bacteria. A clean, healthy mouth helps you avoid bad breath and projects a positive impression to everyone, including the ladies you want to attract!

Call 1-866-9-Smiles for a no-cost consultation or to schedule an oral hygiene appointment to get you started. Also, ask about our Summer Invisalign Special! Straight teeth create a more attractive smile and are easier to keep clean!

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