One Dental Implant Can Support Several Implants

added on: June 24, 2014

From time to time, I’ve had consultations with patients who postponed or avoided Dental Implants because they felt they couldn’t afford them. Since they were missing more than one tooth, they assumed an implant would be needed to replace each one.

Certainly, the number of implants needed in Dental Implant treatment is a major factor in the total cost. In most cases, however, one implant can support two or more teeth in one area. Teeth held by implants can replace a bridge without needing the support of adjacent teeth. Since implants are supported by the jaw bone, just as natural tooth roots, this prevents having to crown two otherwise healthy teeth for the sole purpose of supporting a bridge.

Additionally, people who wear partials are pleased to learn that one implant can support several teeth, helping them to avoid the inconvenience of a removable appliance. They are able to eat the foods they love without fear of slips or having trapped food particles cause discomfort to gums.

Since Dental Implants are designed to last your lifetime, they are an exceptional investment. Rather than assume Dental Implants are out of your reach, call toll free 1-866-9-Smiles for a no-cost Consultation. You may be pleasantly surprised by the affordable options available.

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