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added on: December 13, 2019

When we built our new Shelby Township dental office in 2004, we designed it to be a complete center where all dental needs could be provided in one, comfortable location. Having more space allowed us to incorporate advanced procedures, advanced technology, and have specialized services available for patients for virtually every dental need.

2004 opening of 6044 24-Mile Road

A comprehensive environment for dentistry has a number of benefits:
– It provides a seamless flow of care. This means that a patient who requires extraction of a second molar and placement of a dental implant has everything provided without having to go to two or three additional dental offices. Appointments can be combined and time in treatment condensed.
– It offers a single location for all ages. Here, parents can bring young children for early care visits, have braces for their adolescent children in need of orthodontic realignment, have fractured teeth crowned, and select from various methods of tooth replacement for themselves as needed. This one setting for all ages surrounds individuals of all ages with caregivers they know and trust, and who know them.
– It keeps your dental caregivers working as a team. Whether a patient has a need that falls under oral surgery, or has developed TMJ problems, or wishes to improve the appearance of his or her smile, all caregivers are able to interact together as a whole. By working as a team – each with a compatible commitment to exceptional care – patients receive the benefits of treatment that results in optimal, more predictable outcomes where no stone is left unturned.

In our single Shelby Two office, we offer…

• General dentistry – which includes periodic check-ups and cleanings to prevent problems or catch them at early stages (cavity repair, irritated gums, abnormal wear or cracks in teeth, etc.).
• Tooth replacement – including crown and bridge combinations, dental implants (all phases, including placement), dentures and partial dentures.
• Smile makeovers – All forms of cosmetic dentistry are available, including porcelain veneers, crowns, tooth whitening, bonding, inlays and onlays, and gum reshaping (for treatment of “gummy smiles” or crown lengthening). Patients achieve beautiful, natural-looking smiles that are, at times, life changing.
• Sedation dentistry – For optimal relaxation throughout treatment, we offer oral sedation as well as IV sedation (twilight sleep). Additional comfort options are available as appropriate to treatment and the individual.
• Orthodontics – Traditional braces are available as well as the “clear” option of Invisalign through our orthodontist.
• Wisdom Tooth Extraction – with gentle hands through our Oral Surgeon.
• TMJ Therapy – Through neuromuscular dentistry, our office has a developed a far-reaching reputation for its success with patients who suffer with the problems associated with jaw joint disorders. We utilize some of the most advanced diagnostic technology available for accurate diagnoses and treatment that is delivered efficiently with effective results.
• Periodontal Therapy – for the treatment of gum disease at most stages. Through our thorough and advanced measures, we can often prevent the need for tooth removal and restore the gums to a healthy state.
• Snoring/Sleep Apnea Therapy – Through the use of advanced technology that reveals potential obstacles of airway passages, we can determine the customized shape of oral appliance to restore an individual’s ability to sleep restfully. This helps some patients to avoid the need for CPAP therapy for mild to moderate levels of sleep apnea and heavy snoring.
• Root Canals – Performed using modern techniques, our patients do not have to seek the care of an endodontist when root canal therapy is needed.
• Dental Emergencies – Our patients enjoy accessibility for mishaps that sometimes occur at the worst of times, including broken or knocked out teeth, cut lips or bitten tongues, and dental pain.

Here, our patients enjoy the benefits of a dental team who combines a unified commitment with the high standards of care we’d want for ourselves and our loved ones.

To experience this for yourself, begin by calling to schedule a no-charge consultation or tap here to begin. During this time, I’ll personally answer your questions and make recommendations that may be best for your needs and goals.

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