Oral Sedation Can Take The Fear Out Of Dental Care

added on: August 17, 2012

It’s not unusual to see new patients who haven’t been to a dentist for years – some, for over a decade. Quite a few have avoided dental care due to having a deep fear associated with dentistry. This is typically the result of a traumatic past experience in a dental chair, and frequently experienced as a child. Just like shivering in the cold, these fears are something beyond their control.

My first goal is to help these individuals have the treatment they need. We begin with a conversation that allows them to share their fears and concerns. I am committed to the comfort and safety of my patients at every visit and reassure them that they can always stop me if they feel anything or just want to take a break during treatment.

Many of these patients prefer to add oral sedation to their treatment. This is in pill form and taken prior to arrival at our office. Once here, they are in a relaxed state. We begin treatment only when the patient is totally relaxed. While patients are in such a relaxed state, they are not aware of any portion of the procedure, often until it’s completed and we arouse them.

Oral sedation leaves little or no memory of the procedure afterwards and recovery is quick. It is also safe, although we make sure you are monitored throughout the procedure. Some patients return home for a brief nap, but most feel rested and refreshed after several hours.

My next goal is to help this patient become confident in my care, enough so that he or she will eventually overcome their dental fears. Ideally, we want them to see that dental care is a positive part of their overall health, which it is!

I often have patients who, after experiencing the relaxed feeling of Oral Sedation, tell me they no longer need it. This is music to my ears, since it indicates that this person now feels comfortable and confident in our hands!

Your first step to a healthy mouth begins with a friendly phone call. Call toll free 1-855-9-Smiles for a no-cost consultation. This will be just a conversation in a comfy Consultation Room, totally removed from the clinical side of the practice. Then, you can decide how to proceed. And, please know you will not be judged for your fears or delay of dental care. We are here to help you, and you will be respected regardless of your individual situation.

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