Oral Sedation Improves Comfort for Everyone|Shelby TWP Dentist

added on: December 1, 2009

Our patients who have opted to combine One-Pill Sedation with their dental treatment have been tremendously pleased with the results.

In their own words …“I remember walking in and sitting down in the chair, and the next thing I knew my treatment was finished. I felt like I had just had a refreshing nap!”“I really dreaded having to keep my mouth open for this long procedure, even though Dr. Barbat has never hurt me. It’s amazing how one pill totally blocked out my awareness of the procedure and any memory of it.”“I feel spoiled now. I’d like to have all my dentistry done with oral sedation.”For many adults, a visit to the dentist is a frightful event, even though dentistry now features many comfort options. Yet, a growing number of no-anxiety level patients are askingfor One-Pill Sedation to accompany treatment. Now, using a small pill, patients can have dental care completed while they are totally relaxed and absolutely comfortable. Oral sedation has been highly praised for its excellent safety record, quick onset and recovery. Patients complete their dental care totally relaxed and comfortable. While they are safely sedated, we provide the care they need, often concluding treatment in two visits. Unlike intravenous sedation, the patient has no needles to dread and avoids a long recovery period.Dr. Barbat is a member of the Dental Organiation for Conscious Sedation, or D.O.C.S. The purpose of D.O.C.S. is to provide education for dentists to care for the large population of people who avoid the dentist and to improve their lives with better dental health.

Dr. Barbat states, “I have always been sensitive to our patients with high fear and apprehension.

I can now offer all patients an even more comfortable experience at my Shelby Township Sedation Dentistry Office. For lengthy procedures, One-Pill Sedation adds to one’s comfort and leaves them feeling refreshed afterwards. Oral Sedation enables me to bridge the gap between technology and comfort.”

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