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added on: January 4, 2010

A Smile Makeover Story From Deborah, a valued Patient

As a semi-retired OB nurse, Deborah Scallen knows the importance of proper timing. While reading the newspaper one day, the words of an advertisement seemed to be written just for her. After a three year search for a dentist she could trust, it was this day she knew it was time to see this dentist… Dr. Ban Barbat. Over 25 years ago, a horrific dental procedure caused Deborah’s dental fears.Eventually, she found an understanding dentist of her fears whom she grew to trust. After a stroke left him unable to practice, she felt lost as to where to turn. For three years, Deborah anguished over her dental needs. She knew she needed to find a dentist but old memories still haunted her.Now, with the ad’s words speaking to her, Deborah called to make an appointment.

The drive to Dr. Barbat’s office was over an hour, yet, once inside she immediately knew the destination was worth the trip.

“Everywhere I looked, there was so much attention to detail. Everyone was so warm and friendly,” she explains. “It didn’t look like a dental office or smell like one.” Robin greeted Deborah and began the exam, being attentive and sensitive to her fears. They discussed the early stages of gum disease and how therapy could be completed without numerous appointments. When Deborah met Dr. Barbat to discuss the health status of her teeth, she saw images of how her teeth were pitted and chipped at the edges, mostly due to grinding, which was wearing away enamel at the gum line. These weakened areas put each tooth at risk to break off at the gum line, meaning the remainder of the tooth may require removal.When a tooth breaks without a sufficient portion above the gum line to support a crown or veneer, the tooth must be removed. Replacement requires a dental implant, or if natural, adjacent teeth can be used for support, a partial or crown-&- bridge combination. To protect Deborah’s natural teeth, Dr. Barbat recommended porcelain crowns and veneers for a durable, natural look with excellent longevity. For added relaxation and comfort while her teeth were prepared, oral sedation was added to Deborah’s treatment. Afterward, she needed only over-the-counter medications for comfort.While the dental lab created the veneers and crowns, Deborah wore temporaries so she could function normally throughout this time. In less than a month, her new smile was ready to place. At this appointment, Deborah needed no sedation at all.

Although her goal was a mouth that was healthy and structurally sound, it was two weeks later at a party when she realized how wonderful her smile now looks.

In conversation, Deborah remarked that she’d had her teeth redone. Another guest announced hers had just been done also. When they left, Deborah’s husband commented on the dramatic difference between the two smiles, with Deborah’s so obviously superior. “I’ve always been so frugal. I’ve always made our own curtains, cut corners everywhere I could, but with your smile, you get what you pay for,” she shares. “I’m glad this is one time I decided to go with the best.”Dr. Barbat adds, “Deborah is a great example of how oral sedation works so well, yet, our office is not all about giving someone with fear a pill. We want them to feel comfort- able with their care to the extent they no longer need medication.” Deborah agrees, saying, “People tend to be embarrassed and postpone going, but they need to be honest with their dentist and talk about it. Like the ad said, ‘Ending your dental fear begins with trust,’ and I do trust the team at Dr. Barbat’s office.” A healthy mouth is important to your overall health and well-being. If you know others with dental fears, suggest they call Dr. Barbat’s Rochester Hills Cosmetic Dental Office at (586) 739-8111 or visit WhereLastingSmilesBegin.com.

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