Our Staff Has Staying Power!

added on: October 26, 2011

In our office, we have 12 very talented team members, and I’m proud to say 6 have been with me for over ten years with another 4 on board for more than 7 years! Only 2 have less than 3 years’ longevity.

People ask me what keeps team members so happy at a dental office. I believe it is respect for our patients, each other and the quality of care we deliver. I recently asked
Robin, one of our Hygienists here for over 14 years. She shared, “We all think of one another like family and feel the same about our patients. We’re given opportunities to grow through continuing education courses and training in new technology. As far as a dental practice, we feel this is an ideal environment!”

I’m very proud to be surrounded by such a terrific team. More than that, however, I’m pleased that our patients feel the benefits of their dedication and commitment, too!

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