What A Dental Laser Can Do For You

added on: October 27, 2011

In our office, we use the Nd Yag Dental Laser. This laser allows for precision therapy of oral tissue, including gum recontouring, bacteria removal, uncovering implants, repair of oral ulcers, and other oral tissue related procedures. It is also able to pinpoint specific areas for treatment, minimizing disruption to healthy areas of teeth and gums. The laser can even heal cold sores almost immediately.

Treatment with this laser means minimal or no bleeding. It reduces numbing requirements and performs gum recontouring or tissue repair with precision and speed.  Typically, healing time is also reduced.

The bottom line is, the Nd Yag Laser enhances your comfort and speeds healing time. This is just one of the many advanced technology features we are proud to provide for the optimal care and comfort of our patients!

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