Patient Shares Her Story After Finding TMJ Pain Relief

added on: November 21, 2017

A denture wearer for 55 years, E.P., now a patient of Dr. Ban Barbat, has finally resolved years of pain and migraines. “I’ve suffered with TMJ problems my entire adult life,” she states. “I was in constant pain.”

With each new denture, E.P., now in her mid-70’s, found it would cause her jaw ‘to flip.’ She describes the continual problem as the result of “a denture that didn’t fit and hold the jaw in place. Eating was a joke.” Her pain became so intense that it would wake her up at night.

Dr. Ban Barbat was recommended to E.P. by several friends. She realized she also lived close to the office. She asked her daughter to research Dr. Barbat’s skills online and decided to make an appointment.

Dr. Barbat began by recommending that E.P. have diagnostic procedures to verify the TMJ (jaw joint) was the true source of her problem. If so, this would also pinpoint the specific issues involved. The painless but in-depth process included tensing, sonography, and tomography imaging of the jaw joint.

The TMJ (temporo-mandibular joints) hinge the lower jaw to the skull. Every time you eat, speak or even swallow, these joints move. When the upper teeth do not meet lower teeth in proper alignment, the jaw joints fail to move fluidly in their sockets. This creates strain that can affect the entire structural makeup of the head.

In addition to facial pain (which can involve head, neck and shoulder muscles), common symptoms of TMJ disorder are frequent headaches, migraines, sore jaw joints, difficulty opening the mouth fully, ear ringing, dizziness, and jaw popping.

Dr. Ban R. Barbat

After evaluating E.P.’s diagnostic results, Dr. Barbat made treatment recommendations to restore proper bite alignment to resolve the stress and strain on her jaw joints. Once E.P. understood where the pain was coming from, she was anxious to begin steps to eliminate her decades-long discomfort.

While some treatment stages are still in process, E.P. quickly found that her pain was gone, especially once a correctly-fitted upper denture was in place. “The new denture did what it was supposed to do. I just want to cry when I look back on how long it took me to find relief,” she states.

E.P. is grateful to have found Dr. Barbat after so many years. “They are so precise in everything they do. This was worth every penny.” Her daughter also pointed out that E.P.’s speaking was much better. It wasn’t until then that E.P. realized how her speech had been altered by dentures that didn’t fit properly.

Dr. Barbat reminds people that, “If you have facial pain, headaches or migraines, it is a signal that something is wrong. The problem can usually be traced to bite alignment. However, pinpointing the exact areas causing these problems and knowing which steps to take require advanced skills, modernized equipment, and specialized techniques.”

Because Dr. Barbat also has advanced training in neuromuscular dentistry, she is able to assess the structural components that play a role in the efficiency of jaw joint function and address any interferences that may be involved. This means the guesswork is eliminated so the true source of the problem can be resolved quickly through the most conservative treatment possible.

“Each patient is unique, so there is not a one-size-fits-all approach when it comes to TMJ disorders,” adds Dr. Barbat. “We see many patients who have spent years going from doctor to doctor in search of relief. Most of them are surprised by how quickly we get to the root of the problem.”

If you suffer with the symptoms of TMJ disorder, call 586-739-2155 to schedule a no-charge consultation. Dr. Barbat will be happy to answer your questions and discuss treatment that may be appropriate for your needs.





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