Perk Up A Smile! ZOOM II Whitening Can Improve Appearance With Longterm Results!

added on: October 28, 2019

For all patients, our top goal is to help each achieve good oral health. This allows the patient, regardless of age, to experience minimal problems, greatly reducing the time and expenses needed for future dental repairs. It also allows patients to enjoy fresher breath, healthier teeth, and teeth that can last a lifetime.

Most adolescent and adult patients also want to enjoy the benefits of a smile that is appealing in appearance. A beautiful smile brings many assets in addition to enhancing overall facial appearance. It can boost one’s self-esteem, self-confidence, and even overall mood.

One of the fastest and most affordable methods of improving a smile is through teeth whitening. Whiter teeth are an affordable way to make flaws in a smile less noticeable. Plus, white teeth project a healthy, well-cared for smile that sends a positive message to others.

Today’s tooth whitening systems offer affordable ways to have a smile that looks healthier and takes years off! Effective whitening systems can improve the appearance of your smile at the lowest cost of any other cosmetic dental procedure. Yet, there can be significant variations in versions, some available over-the-counter (OTC) and others administered by a dentist’s office.

The key is to select a whitening system that is a good value AND achieves these goals:

  • Dramatic Whitening
  • Exceptional Longevity
  • A Safe & Comfortable Process

• Degree of whitening – If you have just mild surface yellowing, a drug store whitening kit may be all you need. However, to truly make a difference in teeth that have yellowed, grayed or browned or those with deeper stains, a professional level of whitening is needed. These are designed to go deeper in the tooth and lighten beyond what is just surface staining. Our Zoom 2 system tackles very deep stains to provide a significant level of white.

• Longevity of whitening – When you whitening your teeth, you certainly don’t want to lose the look after just several months. Yet, that can happen when you use kits that only tackle surface discoloration. Although we advise our Zoom 2 patients to take measures to lessen the staining effects of red wine, coffee and blueberries, the longevity of their whitening results is far beyond what OTC kits offer. While store-bought kits only treat surface stains, Zoom 2 gets down deep into the tooth to lighten it and restore opalescence and luminosity. This gives a whiter, brighter smile for a long time.

• Safety and sensitivity – Because Zoom 2 is administered in a dental office under a dentist’s supervision, the safety of your teeth and gums, an important part of the process, is carefully monitoried. Trying to maximize the level of whiteness through a kit’s limited potential is risky. Zoom 2 is designed to create minimal, if any, sensitivity to gum tissues and is safe for teeth and gums. When drug store kits’ directions are not followed to the letter, you risk the well-being of your smile. Because damage to tooth enamel or gum tissues can be costly to repair, it’s best to rely on a dental professional.

• A Quick, Simple Process – While many store-bought kits require a brief amount of time, the process may require time spent every day for a week or more to accomplish noticeable whitening. Our Zoom 2 process takes about an hour. You just sit back and relax and we do the rest!

Your whiter, brighter smile is just an hour away! Enjoy the benefits of a professional, dentist level whitening system. Call 586-739-2155 to learn more.

Holiday Hint!  If you’re looking for a perfect gift for a special someone, call to arrange Zoom II whitening as a holiday gift. Gift certificates can be arranged over the phone!


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