Improving Your Smile Can Improve Your Life In Many Ways!

added on: October 31, 2019

Smiles of babies and toddlers are all beautiful. Adult smiles, however, are not always described as such. Actually, very few people feel their smile is “beautiful”.

As adults age, crowding can lead to a smile of crooked or “jumbled” teeth. The aging process can also result in the discoloration of teeth. And, over time, wear and tear on teeth can cause chips, breaks, or lost teeth.

Feeling self-conscious about the appearance of a smile is fairly common.

According to findings shared in a PR Newswire report, more than a third of American adults are unhappy with their smile. The study, commissioned by the American Association of Orthodontists (AAO), shared that 36 percent also feel their social life would be better if they had a more appealing smile.

Not only is a smile the first thing many people notice when meeting someone new, but a flattering smile can send messages to others. For instance, 77 percent of females in the study felt that a date with crooked teeth was less appealing than men with receding hairlines. The study also found that 78 percent of Americans perceive adults with crooked teeth to be unsuccessful.

The advantages of a beautiful smile go far beyond perceptions, however. Studies have shown that smiling can boost your mood, even if you smile when you don’t feel like it. Too, people who smile often can even extend their lifespans by up to 10 years, on average.

Alas, few people emerge into adulthood sporting a naturally beautiful smile.  Unfortunately, it doesn’t take much to detract from the appearance of a smile and, therefore, the confidence to share it.

If you have struggled with decisions on a smile makeover, today’s advancements in techniques and materials offer exception options to repair flaws, many at very affordable rates. These include:

  • TEETH WHITENING: One of the fastest and least expensive ways to improve the appearance of a smile is to whiten it. A white, bright smile is more appealing and often perceived as healthy and well cared for. We offer the Zoom II whitening system that is priced affordably. This in-office process provides far superior results than over-the-counter types at drug stores. Plus, the whitening you’ll achieve will last far longer.
  • BONDING: For chips and even some gaps, bonding offers a natural look and feel that is both affordable and done in a single visit. This is a material that is ‘painted on’ teeth. It is shaped to repair flaws and then polished for a natural finish. Bonding may also be used to elongate teeth to correct an uneven smile line.
  • GUM CONTOURING: Reshaping gum tissue is not a costly procedure, but the results can have a dramatic effect on the appearance of a smile. When an individual shows too much gum tissue above upper teeth when they smile, it’s referred to as a ‘gummy smile.’ This can be repaired with comfort and precision in our office using a dental laser. The laser is also ideal for reshaping gum tissues over single teeth to even out the gum arch to match neighboring teeth.
  • PORCELAIN VENEERS & CROWNS: The ideal material for reshaping and enhancing teeth is porcelain. Porcelain gives a natural luminosity and opalescence while providing the most natural look and feel possible. Porcelain veneers and crowns provide exceptional longevity, resists staining and even reflects light as natural teeth. Plus, porcelain’s durability is superior to any other material used in cosmetic dentistry.
  • TOOTH REALIGNMENT (Braces Or Invisalign): When teeth are misaligned, it can cause an improper “bite.” This can lead to teeth that chip, break, fracture. Eventually, it can cause problems that extend to the jaw joints, which triggers night-time clenching and grinding. At our Shelby Township dental office, our Orthodontic specialist can make recommendations to restore proper bite alignment while enhancing your smile’s appearance. In addition to offering traditional braces, Dr. Barbat is certified in Invisalign (for teens & adults). Invisalign and Invisalign Teen offer alternatives to traditional braces. This system uses clear molds to move teeth gradually into proper positions. The molds are also removable for eating and brushing. There are no uncomfortable wires or brackets and are virtually undetectable in a smile.

For a moment, imagine the smile you’ve always wanted. Then, take a minute to act on it – at no cost! We are always happy to discuss smile enhancement options that will work best for you during a no-charge consultation.

If cost is a concern, we are able to help most patients enjoy exceptional cosmetic dentistry through payment plans that fit most budgets. For those who wish to spread payments in set amounts over extended periods of, we offer several, easy payment plans. These allow you to achieve your smile goals without delay while making affordable monthly payments manageable to your budget. Most are interest-free with no down payment required.

We are certain that our skills, technology, experience and commitment to quality will reassure you that you are in the best place possible to achieve the smile you desire. During your free consultation, we can discuss your desires and options to get you to your smile goals at a cost you can manage comfortably.

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