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added on: August 17, 2022

The 2022 calendar says we are one month away from the first day of Fall. Realizing this, I wanted to share some news and reminders, especially in the way of payment options available through our Macomb County dental office.

The beauty of these PAYMENT PLANS is in how they allow patients to achieve the smile they want without delay. In addition to accepting all major credit cards (Visa, MasterCard, Discover, and American Express), these can beak total treatment costs into affordable, monthly amounts with no down payment required and interest-free.

These include:

• CareCredit® is exclusively for healthcare services. You’ll get low monthly payments for healthcare procedures not commonly covered by insurance, including dental procedures. Plus, you can use your card over and over for follow-up appointments. Learn more by visiting or contacting our office.

• Lending Club Patient Solutions offers plans with low fixed rates,low monthly payments that never change over the life of the loan, interest-free plans with no retroactive interest, no upfront payments and no prepayment penalty. Your potential monthly payments can be calculated online without impacting your credit score.

• Alphaeon Credit, our newest option, provides easy payment plans for patients in manageable, monthly amounts.

So, why not achieve the smile you desire before another year begins while making affordable monthly payments? We will gladly discuss these options in more detail on the phone or provide you with an application. All three can be applied for online as well. You can get personal phone assistance while filling these out online, too. We are happy to help.

And, to remind those who have dental insurance coverage…

2022 INSURANCE BENEFITS – If you have remaining insurance benefits for 2022, please call our office to arrange any dental care which may be due. And, please schedule year-end appointments early. Our schedule fills quickly during the 4th quarter. Early scheduling helps to provide you with the day and time that works best for your schedule.

And, for those who are familiar with our FINANCIAL COORDINATOR for over 24 years, we must say “Happy Retirement” to Deb as she begins retirement on August 24. We wish Deb many days of “catching up” on all the things that make her smile! With Deb’s retirement, we are pleased to welcome…

Taking the helm of financial coordinating, Venus comes to us with over 28 years in dental administration. She grew up in Sterling Heights and has become very much “at home” as the newest member of our team. Venus spent 12 weeks in training with Deb, who retired after 24 years as Financial Coordinator. Through this, Venus has met many patients already and adopted Deb’s closeness with patients combined with skilled assistance. Venus is also complimentary of the interaction of the entire team and our many advanced treatment options. 

Change is never easy. However, with Deb’s retirement, we feel fortunate to have found a replacement that patients will find brings the same commitment and warmth. Venus has fit into our team beautifully. Please introduce yourself to Venus the next time you are in our office. She is looking forward to putting lots of names-to-faces! (Meet Venus and other staff members at: MeetOurTeam)

Have you considered dental treatment in the past (dental implants, cosmetic dentistry, sleep apnea appliances, or TMJ therapy), but didn’t pursue it due to treatment fees? Dentistry is an excellent investment for smiling confidence as well as your overall health and well-being. We believe that financial constraints should not be an obstacle to obtaining treatment. Venus is ready to help you enjoy healthy, confident smiles through our easy payment options. Please reach out to her for assistance so your smile goals can be achieved in a budget-friendly way.

It was C. S. Lewis (1898–1963), known as was one of the intellectual giants of the 20th century and one of the most influential writers of his day, who wisely said:

“You can’t go back and change the beginning, but you can start where you are and change the ending.”

I hope your fourth quarter includes the healthy, confident smile you are proud to share. In our Shelby Twp dental office, we are always happy to welcome new patients. And, if dental fear or anxiety has prevented you from having regular dental care, we have a long-standing reputation for helping fearful patients. Many have overcome their fears for good. Please mention your concerns when you schedule you free consultation appointment. Call 586-739-2155 or tap here to begin.





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