Scrutinize Online ‘Deals’ For Dental Implants

added on: August 22, 2022

The good thing about having online access is in how we can gain immediate access to any service, product, resource and in-depth topics. Most search engines (Google, Bing, Duck Duck Go, etc.) can scale down search terms so pages 1-3 show the most pertinent within the geographical and demographic parameters. Thus, we are able to easily sift through those shown for efficiency in our goals.

The bad thing? We have come to the realization that not all information online is “fact” or accurate. Some information can be a bit misleading and others can mislead by playing up certain aspects while minimizing information that should be more prominent.

When it comes to medical or dental procedures, I am well aware of the confusion this can cause patients. So many have gotten into the habit of “googling” symptoms, only to find their self-diagnosis created extreme anxiety and unnecessary response.

Because there are so many types of dental implants and various treatment options, this online info, too, can cause confusion and prompt site visitors to “assume” incorrectly. It is not unusual for people to do their “research” online and then call our front office staff for a price, assuming they know what they need. This is where things can become even more confusing.

Before I go further into dental implant types and prices, I’ll share a scenario. Let’s say you need your home’s interior painted. Once finding a residential painter online, you call to ask a price. Before he or she can provide a guesstimate, however, there are many details that can affect the cost.

How many rooms need painting? How high are the ceilings? Are there moldings or chair rails? Stair bannisters? What type of paint is needed? Do ceilings need painting? What texture are the walls (drywall, plaster, etc.)? Do furniture/appliances need moving? Does wallpaper need removal first?

These are all factors that aren’t necessarily considered when first thinking of the budget for interior painting. Yet, they can impact the final total to a great extent.

How does this example relate to dental implants? When an individual calls for a price, there are a number of factors that may increase or decrease the perceived total, such as…

How many teeth are you missing?

Where are the missing teeth located?

How long have they been missing?

Do existing teeth need to be removed prior to placement?

What type of sedation is preferred?

Are the gum tissues healthy?

How much bone loss has occurred where the missing tooth roots were once located?

Which dental implant will work the best for the particular location and number of teeth being placed?

And it can go on and on. When an individual hunts online for “deals” on dental implants, all of these factors can ultimately affect the bottom line. Too, when a person calls to do price comparison, our front office staff is often at a loss in helping to provide a cost of what is actually a best assessment.

For instance, if an individual is missing 3 teeth in one area, then one implant may be sufficient since it can support a 3-unit bridge. This means that treatment will require only one implant and 3 replacement teeth versus three separate implants with three crowns.

On the flip side, if an individual is missing these teeth in an area that has experienced a great deal of bone loss and gum disease exists, the costs will increase. In addition to the implanted portion, abutment and crowns, treatment of the gum disease and bone-rebuilding will need to be incorporated into treatment. If not, the dental implants can fail.

Online, there seems to be a wide range of costs. Yet, these are primarily meant to grab a prospective patient’s attention with the basics. Some prices give a low cost for the implanted portion, yet there is still the abutment (that goes inside the implant) and the crown (hopefully constructed of porcelain). Few factor in sedation (either oral or I.V. sedation), and any other dental care that can “make or break” a successful outcome.

In our Shelby Township dental office, we are pleased to provide the start-to-finish process for dental implants, even if it means that other treatment may be needed. Too, our patients enjoy the advanced skills of a neuromuscular dentist. This provides patients with a higher level of bite alignment, which is another factor that can effect the success of dental implant treatment and the health of surrounding teeth.

A neuromuscular dentist assesses the unique contours of an individual’s mouth and the interaction of the bite with the muscles, bones and joints in the head. Understanding the intricate connection of the craniofacial anatomy and its dependency on an ideal alignment, many problems can be avoided.

For example, a misaligned bite, even when one or two teeth are slightly mis-angled or heightened, can have an eventual domino affect. The results can lead to stress or strain on the temporomandibular joints (TMJ). The results can be frequent headaches, migraines, night-time clenching/grinding (bruxism), ear ringing, vertigo, chipped or broken teeth, sore/popping jaw joints, difficulty opening the mouth fully, and more.

One of the leading causes of dental implant failure is bite misalignment. In one study shared in 2020 in the National Journal of Maxillofacial Surgery, results showed that dental implants in patients with bruxism had a 41% higher failure rate than others.

However, I believe that it’s not enough to have attained the skills of a neuromuscular dentist. I believe it’s vital to back these skills up with advanced diagnostic technology. These computerized features enable us to develop treatment plans that can minimize the extent of treatment needed and time in treatment while optimizing comfort.

We also believe that patients should be informed consumers. Our goal is to provide each person with accurate information in easy-to-understand terms. This helps in making decisions that are best for specific needs and goals.

In our Macomb County dental office, we also feel we have an edge on comfort. In addition to offering oral and IV sedation (twilight sleep), we have a long-standing reputation for a gentle touch. And, as many tell me, I give a “painless injection.” We’ve also helped many fearful dental patients overcome their fears, for good! This leads to confident, healthy smiles for people who once avoided regular dental care or having much-needed procedures.

We do offer a “special” to people who are considering dental implants. ( This provide adults who are interested in dental implants with a free consultation and complimentary imaging. With this information, people receive a more personalized assessment of what the individual may need. From there, the decision of going forward is easier as they are a much more informed consumer.

Rather than struggle with an online search for dental implant “deals,” let’s sit down together in a private, no-cost consultation. During this time, I’ll answer your questions thoroughly and make recommendations based on your individual needs. You’re also invited to “meet” me prior through a brief video: MeetDrBarbat

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