Replace Missing Teeth In Lucky ’13!

added on: December 30, 2012

It seems the most common reason I hear from people who stick with a denture rather than have dental implants is the cost of implant treatment. Yet, I’ve never once heard a patient say their dental implants weren’t worth every cent.

Think of dental implants as a third set of teeth. This is because they look, feel and function just like the natural teeth you once had. They allow you to eat a healthy diet of foods you love, laugh and smile confidently, and wake up with a smile (in your mouth, not in a glass).

I’ve had some people tell me about their new car, but then explain how they can’t afford dental implants. Yet, others on fixed incomes work very hard to find the means to achieve a “new smile” so they can live a healthier, more active life with greater social confidence.

In the coming year, think about the things that are of true value to your life. Then, call us toll free 1-866-9-Smiles for a free consultation so we can discuss your smile’s goals and ways you CAN achieve one you love! Let’s make the coming year ‘Lucky ’13!’

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